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Air Conditioning

Many people think air condition in a car is something you only need in the summer and only when it is really hot...

This is not quite the case.

Air condition plays an important part in safety as it helps to clear any mist from the inside of your windscreen and windows to make sure your view is clear.

It also comes in handy in winter to speed up defrosting your windscreen.

To make sure your air condition is working properly we recommend to get it checked every 18 months to one year.

If you have the feeling the air condition is "running low", you should get it checked as soon as possible. If it is for example low in coolant for too long, it can damage the compressor and it will try to compensate the damage by drawing power from the engine which results in high fuel consumption.

Another sign your air condition needs to be checked is a bad smell every time you turn it on. This is more likely being caused by bacteria and micro organisms.

This issue can more likely be resolved by changing the filter.

We strongly advise you not to "temper" with the air condition unit yourself by using these so called "air con kits" or re-charge sprays. If you don't know exactly when and how to use them, you can damage the complex air condition unit plus potentially harm yourself.

Whether your car has a regular air condition or Climate control, our experts at Saving on Tyres will be happy to check your air condition for you and service/repair it if necessary in a safe and professional manner. This is more time- and money efficient in the long run and saves you the hassle.