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Car Tyres

If you are a car owner and want to enjoy a great ride, then it's important that you have a good set of car tyres which can ensure a great riding experience. Apart from this maintenance of your car is also important which includes car tyre checking, wheel alignment, batteries, exhaust, etc. all needs to be regularly checked and replaced if required. Among all these important things we usually tend to undermine car tyres and its maintenance. Car tyres are the most epochal when it comes to car's performance and fuel efficiency. A good set of car tyre ensures that your vehicle runs properly.

There are hundreds of tyre brands that have flooded the market and finding out the one which matches your car is a difficult task, and it becomes even more cumbersome or those who are a novice in this field. Usually, there is the lack of knowledge when it comes to car tyres, you would agree that it becomes difficult to drive on a snowy surface or off-road conditions; this is because the wheels that you might be using in our car don't match the terrain on which you are driving. Tyre manufacturing has completely changed and tyre companies are now manufacturing tyres which can perform efficiently on different terrains. 

Classification of tyres:

Different the conditions need different types of tyres; here is the classification of tyres as per weather conditions:

Summer Tyres

Winter Tyres

All-weather tyres

Summer Tyres – these tyres have been designed to run efficiently under summer conditions. They have been designed to work well under dry conditions or temperature above 7 degrees.The summer car tyres have slanted tread pattern which makes sure that the wheels have a firm grip on the road. 

Winter Tyres- Winter often pose a big problem the car drivers, this increases with snowfall, however, with the use of winter tyres you can overcome the problem of aquaplaning and lack of control while driving in the winter season. The winter car tyres have specially designed tread pattern which makes sure that it resist aquaplaning and also offers great control while driving. Furthermore, it is made of special compounds which make this tyre run perfectly under winter conditions.

All weather tyres- As the name defines, the car tyres are most effective under moderate conditions. You can choose these tyres if you reside in an area which was there are no extreme summer or extreme winter conditions. 

Saving on Tyres has emerged as a popular tyre selling platform Leicester and its nearby areas. Our endeavour is to fulfil our customers need. If you are looking to buy cheap tyres and want to surf through a wide number of options, you have logged on to the right place. We don't believe in boasting rather our catalogue itself shows our services and the number of brands we have availed at one place. You can blindfold and trust savingontyres.co.uk for satisfying online car tyre buying experience. At Saving on Tyres, we stock a host of standards summer tyres, winter tyres, and all-weather car tyres so that you can select the one which best matched your requirement. Here is a brief overview of the types of car tyres we have under our umbrella:

Popular brands providing summer car tyres available at savingontyres.co.uk:

Amongst the pool of many brands that offer a plethora of tyre varieties, here are some of the renowned names in the industry known for their exceptional summer tyres manufacturing and who bagged the top 10 slot in the Auto Build Summer Tyre test 2016:


Pirelli Tyres

Continental Tyres


Dunlop Tyres

Popular brands providing winter car tyres available at savingontyres.co.uk :

We have got all the popular winter tyre brands available with us and here is the list of top-rated winter tyre brands that you can buy tyres on our website:


Michelin Tyres


Bridgestone Tyres



Popular brands providing all weather car tyres available at savingontyres.co.uk:

As per all season tyres review, we present you the list of best all season tyres’ companies:



Goodyear Tyres

Pirelli Tyres