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New features

Launching New Features

we will launch our new features in the website, that are part and service booking in this upcoming month.

Please read for your own benefit!

Setup routine charges for your website will be free. Only a small amount of just 50 GBP+VAT for regular update and maintenance will be applicable as per month. You will have to pay one year fee up front in order to get your free website.

What we are offering to you is a free website (only the first 50 partners will receive this offer. 7 websites already gone out of 50).
You will be able to operate your site independently. You will decide on the pricing of your tyres etc. - and you can put other services on the website as well! Just talk to us about your requirements. Whatever you want to show on your website, it will be done for you. This will make it easy to approach your target audience. Our designers will be happy to assist you with the design that's right for you and once approved by you, our technical team will take over to make sure all changes are made according to your wishes. This website is SEO friendly, that means you will have a high ranking on Google. This website is even connected in real time with most of the major tyre suppliers and can even be connected to any other suppliers of your choice! We can even help you to open accounts with tyre manufacturers directly.

Your suppliers stock lists will be updated automatically (every hour).

Real time ordering system!

Customers' payments will go directly into your account.

We have 10 Top IT experts working on this project for us - another 40 IT experts will join our team in the next six months. So far we have spent over £100000 on developing this website. Our 10 year plan is to keep developing and improving the site and to provide the websites for free to our future partners. Our experts always focus on one project at a time, which helps us to deliver the best service to each client individually in order to keep them satisfied and to build a strong relationship between us and them.

Shortly we will be competing easily with the big players in the tyre industry. In the next 12 months these companies in will be left behind. So take advantage of this unique opportunity to become part of our network!
There will be only one garage in any one town in the UK. There will be no competition - guaranteed no other garage in your town will have a website from us.
We are offering our free services and this great opportunity only to the first 50 customers "first come, first serve". You can see on our map how many we have sold so far and how many are remaining.

So don't hesitate for too long and get started with us! Once agreed on, we will get the website opened - It will boost your sales very quickly and a lot of business will be taken away from competitors. Please have a look for yourself - just type in google: "cheap tyres leicester", "part worn tyres leicester" or "cheap tyres online leicester" and you can straight away see our position on google . Regular maintenance and further development/improvement of the website will be taken care of (this is something an individual seller could never manage to do on his/her own).

You are most welcome to come over to see how busy we are mainly because of the website. www.savingontyres.co.uk

I will be happy to sit with you to show you all the features directly. Just give us a call on Mobile: 07930589970

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