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Savingontyres will be more than happy to help you with any of your queries regarding tyres. We have a wide range of tyres from premium brands to mid-range and budget tyres. For any type of car, van, 4X4 or off-roader, we have tyres for all your needs. Having a tough time finding tyres for your car in your budget, your search ends here!

We have premium tyres at cheap prices for all types of cars. We have new tyres as well as part worn tyres for our customers in Leicester and all over the UK as well. We do sales as well on bulk orders and full sets as well. You can Buy Tyres with fully fitted offers. We provide fully fitted offers on new tyres, part worn tyres and used tyres as well. We have discounts on summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres as well. You can check our positive reviews from our customer on our website and on our eBay as well. We have mobile tyre fitting services as well. We do all kinds of car tires, 4X4 tyres, run-flat tyres all types of tyres online as well as in-store. We have all top brand tyres from all well-known companies. We have cheap tyres but they are all top shelve products.

Original Tyre Sizes

If you don't know the size of tyres on your car, here's how you can find it; tyre size is marked on the sidewall of the tyre, and its written like this 205/55 R16, 175/65 R14, 165/65 R14, 185/55 R15, 185/60 R15, 185/65 R15, 195/55 R16, 195/45 R16, 215/55 R16, 215/60 R16, 215/65 R16, 235/65 R16, 205/40 R17, 205/45 R17, 215/45 R17, 215/55 R17, 205/50 R17, 205/55 R17. 225/45 R17, 225/40 R18, 235/40 R18, 255/35 R18, 245/45 R18, 245/40 R18, 225/45 R18, 255/35 R19 or if you are not sure if that's the correct size then you can just type the name, brand and year of the car in Google search box it will show all the specs and you can see what's the specific tyre company put on your vehicle.

Brands in Stock and Online

We have a wide range of top brand Tyres like Bridgestone Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Michelin Tyres, Continental Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, Pirelli Tyres, now these are all premium brand Tyres. We have mid-range brand Tyres as well like Avon Tyres, Yokohama Tyres, Kumho Tyres, Firestone Tyres these are all top seller in mid-range. We have a huge collection of budget brand Tyres like Wanli Tyres, Westlake Tyres, Tigar Tyres, Rovelo Tyres, Barum Tyres, Aoteli Tyres, Autoguard Tyres, BCT Tyres, Fortuna Tyres etc. we have tyres from all brands in stock as well as online at lowest prices with fitting services.

Top Car Manufacturers

We have a wide range of tyres in stock tyres that come as Original Equipment tyres (O.E.) in Stock cars from different makes and models. We have Original Equipment tyres in sizes for Aston Martin Car Tyres, Alfa Romeo Car Tyres, BMW Car Tyres, Bentley Car Tyres, Audi Car Tyres, Chrysler Car Tyres, Fiat Car Tyres, Citroen Car Tyres, Ford Car Tyres, Jaguar Car Tyres, Honda Car Tyres, Land Rover Tyres, Lexus Car Tyres, Mercedes Car Tyres, Mazda Car Tyres, Mini Car Tyres, Mitsubishi Car Tyres, Nissan Car Tyres, Porsche Car Tyres, Peugeot Car Tyres, Range Rover Tyres, Renault Car Tyres, Saab Car Tyres, Subaru Car Tyres, TVR Car Tyres, Toyota Car Tyres, Vauxhall Car Tyres, Volkswagen Car Tyres and Volvo Car Tyres etc.

We have simply beaten everyone in prices

Our prices are the lowest in the UK. We guarantee that you cannot find prices like ours. You can save up to 10 to 12 percent when buying from us compared to other sellers. We have Original tyres that come with Original packing and paperwork along with a warranty. We have Original Equipment tyres. If you find anyone selling tyres cheaper than us, please let us know because that we won't claim to have beaten everyone else in Prices, we don't like to claim lies. We like to keep our words but we don't like cheating on our customers with false advertisement.

Choose tyres according to your needs

There are different types of tyres to choose from depending on your driving and what kind of car you drive. If you are just going to be driving short distances around town and to local places like shops and schools around your house then you might want to consider tyres that are safe and economical. If you make long trips on regular basis and you are driving mostly on the motorways than you might want to consider Buying Tyres that are fuel efficient, comfortable and have low rolling noise. If you own a luxury sedan or a sports car then you definitely need high-performance tyres providing manoeuvrability at high speeds with precision handling and excellent traction while cornering and braking.

Tyre Safety

Statistically, tyres are one of the top five safety components of the car. So you might want to consider doing a regular routine checking of your tyres yourself. You don't need a professional to check a few normal things regularly. Here are a few things you might want to check; first look at the tyres for low pressure, if the tyre look like it's running on low air then please refill and if the tyre is unable to maintain the pressure then check for Punctures or damaged valve, it could be dangers so you might want to take your car to our garage or call our mobile services. Other things you should be looking for any tears or cuts on side walls of the tyres, these are usually reasons for blowouts, this is very dangerous and it need urgent replacement, another thing is bulges and lumps, these could cause a blowout as well, if there are any cords or ply exposed than your tyre need a replacement. These are all the problems covered in warranty so if you see any then you contact the seller and the tyres will be replaced as long as they are still under warranty. Another thing that also matters is uneven tread, to which people usually don't pay attention to, but this could be equally dangerous but this is caused by off-alignment and chambers out of position, for this we have top class modern alignment machines and equipment, so this problem can be solved easily and in a matter of minutes.

Only a small area of the tyre is in contact with the road while driving. That area is not bigger than your palm so if the most of the tread has been worn off or if the tyre has been gone through lots of repairs in the past than it could be very dangerous. According to tyre laws the UK, it is not legal to drive if your tyre's tread is 1.6 mm or below. If you are caught driving on tyres with only 1.6mm of tread then you are punishable by at least 3 penalty points on your license and a fine of 2500 £s per tyre. This is another reason to keep your tyre tread depth and general condition in check other than your safety.

Although the legal limit is 1.6 mm but we do not recommend driving below 3 mm which is also the legal tread depth of tyres in Germany. After 3 mm of depth the tyre starts to lose its grip on the road, through a variety of tests it has been shown that the cars with tyres above 3 mm of tread have shorter braking distance than the cars with tyres below 3 mm of tread, matter of fact the cars with tyres below 3 mm took up to more than 18 feet further to stop than the cars with tyres above 3 mm of tread.

Tyres should always be in recommended air pressure which can be found in the vehicle user manual or handbook. A under-inflated tyre can cause bad fuel efficiency and faster tread worn off and increased chance of impact damage where over-inflated tyre can cause uncomfortable bumpy ride, excess worn and short life of the tyre. So keeping your tyres inflated with recommended pressure is very important.

It is very important to check your tyres before going on a long trip or a journey.

Measuring the tread depth

The simplest way to measure the tread depth is a 20p coin. All you need to do is place the 20p coin in the tyre grooves at three different locations that are on both sides and the middle, when you put the 20p coin in the groove and you can see the outer rim of the 20 pence that means the tyre is at 1.6 mm or below so it means urgent replacement.

The other way to check the tyre depth is by TWIs (tread wear indicators) which are included within the grooves by many manufacturers these days. When the Tread Wear Indicators are worn off that means your tyre is running below the legal depth and needs an urgent replacement.

Should you replace only one tyre at a time?

We do not recommend replacing one tyre at a time, it is best to replace all four tyres at the same time for maximum manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency as well as safety. Although if you have a damaged or worn off tyre than you can replace a single tyre as well. But replacing one tyre with a new one can cause a few problems like one side pulling or damaging the axles etc. if the other's three tyres are not close to new. Although replacing 2 tyres at a time is not so problematic if you are replacing two tyres either in the front or in the rear not side by side.

Run-flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are designed specifically to let you drive a short distance without replacing, even in the case of a blowout or a puncture even when the tyre is totally flat. These tyres let you drive up to 10 to 30 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, these numbers vary depending on different brands. This distance should be enough to get you home or nearest tyre shop.

There are marking on Run-flat tyres to tell they are run-flats. Different brands have different markings. Here are some; RFT (Bridgestone Run Flat Technology), Euforia@RSC (Pirelli Run On Flat System Component), ROF-EMT (Goodyear RunOnFlat Extended Mobility Technology), RSC/RunOnFlat (Goodyear Run On Flat System Component), RSC/RunOnFlat (Dunlop Run Flat System Component), ZP (Michelin's Zero Pressure Self-Supporting Run Flat Tyres), SSR (Continental's Self-Supporting Run Flat Tyres)

Run-Flat tyres cannot be, should not be repaired after been ran on deflated.

Choosing between winter and summer tyres

Winter and Summer Tyres are specifically designed and produced for specific climatic conditions, so it is neither safe nor cheap driving around in opposite climatic conditions they are not designed for.

Winter Tyres are designed and produced for winter driving, which means driving in snow and temperatures below 7°C and to do that they have special tread patterns to achieve maximum grip over snow and slippery roads, these tyres can create enough traction on snow to provide shorter braking distance and precision handling with low rolling noise. These tyres are made from special rubber compound usually made from natural rubber so that these tyres don't contractor stiffen in cold environments. These tyres work best in winters only. If you choose to drive in summers with these tyres than these tyres can cause problems for you like bad fuel efficiency and uncomfortable ride quality with high rolling noise.

Summer tyres are made specifically for the summers. These Car Tyres work best at temperatures above 7°C. These tyres have tread patterns that provide grip for maximum manoeuvrability at high speeds while cornering and shorter braking distance because of tread patterns designed for summers. These tyres have a low rolling resistance that provides maximum fuel efficiency and low rolling noise. These tyres work best in summers but not in opposite climatic conditions. If you choose to drive with these tyres in winters you will experience problems like drifting, uncomfortable ride quality and almost impossible to stop because to no grip on the road to apply brakes.

We can help you with all your queries and question regarding tyres. We have tyres for all kind of vehicles in premium, mid-range and budget prices so give us a call at 01162611480 and book your appointment or order online.

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