Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

About Continental Tyres: Expert in delivering the tyres for Car / 4x4 / Van since 1871. The brand has been successful in manufacturing the tyres without any kind of compromise on the safety front. Using and integrating the original equipments of premium quality after meeting all rigorous test standards. The innovative technology introduced by Continental are ContieContact and ContiSeal these ensures the longevity and efficiency. The engineering division is in German and the quality used can be easily assessed from here itself.

The best brand is one who provides the premium driving experience without compromising the quality, pleasure and comfort of the customers. We feel lucky that we are achieving the global quality parameters. Continental tyres is one of the most iconic brands out of the world. Continental tyres are one of the most trusted brands for Cars, SUV, 4x4 and Van.

Maximum speed safety 

Improved wet and dry braking and handling

Low noise level and  mileage for comfortable drive

Fuel Efficiency

All rounder performance on high speed and bad roads

Vectran technology used by the brand gives ultimate puncture protection

wear-optimised tread compound for long life

Excellent dry and wet grip

All in all, we can say numerous tests are conducted to produce an original Continental tyres. These tyres perform smoothly on ice, snow and other proving grounds and also in extreme temperatures experienced during the summer season. 

PremiumContact 6 

SportContact 6 Greater safety on high speeds

ContiPremiumContact 5 Blend of safety and performance

ContiSportContact 5 P Superior handling 

ContiEcoContact 3 Best for mid size cars

The list is really long to be listed. Big brands of the cars depends on the brands like Continental. One out of every three cars is running on Continental tyres, and We feel proud that we are serving our patrons with brilliant and relaxed driving experiences.

Continental Tyres Models

Continental  Sport Contact 2 Tyres Sport Contact 2 Tyres
Sport Contact 2
Continental .eContact  Tyres.eContact  Tyres
Continental .eContact XL Tyres.eContact XL Tyres
.eContact XL
Continental 4x4 Contact  Tyres4x4 Contact  Tyres
4x4 Contact
Continental 4x4 Contact - BMW XL Tyres4x4 Contact - BMW XL Tyres
4x4 Contact - BMW XL
Continental 4x4 Contact AO XL Tyres4x4 Contact AO XL Tyres
4x4 Contact AO XL
Continental 4x4 Contact MO  Tyres4x4 Contact MO  Tyres
4x4 Contact MO
Continental 4x4 Contact N0 XL Tyres4x4 Contact N0 XL Tyres
4x4 Contact N0 XL
Continental 4x4 Contact N1 XL Tyres4x4 Contact N1 XL Tyres
4x4 Contact N1 XL
Continental 4x4 Contact XL Tyres4x4 Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Contact XL
Continental 4x4 Sport Contact N0 XL Tyres4x4 Sport Contact N0 XL Tyres
4x4 Sport Contact N0 XL
Continental 4x4 Sport Contact XL Tyres4x4 Sport Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Sport Contact XL
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact  Tyres4x4 Winter Contact  Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact - BMW XL Tyres4x4 Winter Contact - BMW XL Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact - BMW XL
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact XL Tyres4x4 Winter Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact XL
Continental 4x4Contact  Tyres4x4Contact  Tyres
Continental All Season Contact  TyresAll Season Contact  Tyres
All Season Contact
Continental All Season Contact XL TyresAll Season Contact XL Tyres
All Season Contact XL
Continental Contact CST17  TyresContact CST17  Tyres
Contact CST17
Continental Contact TS 815 Seal  TyresContact TS 815 Seal  Tyres
Contact TS 815 Seal
Continental Contact TS 815 Seal XL TyresContact TS 815 Seal XL Tyres
Contact TS 815 Seal XL
Continental Contact TS 815 XL TyresContact TS 815 XL Tyres
Contact TS 815 XL
Continental Contact TS815 ContiSeal  TyresContact TS815 ContiSeal  Tyres
Contact TS815 ContiSeal
Continental Conti Eco Contact 5 TyresConti Eco Contact 5 Tyres
Conti Eco Contact 5
Continental Conti Force Contact  TyresConti Force Contact  Tyres
Conti Force Contact
Continental Conti Preium Contact 2 TyresConti Preium Contact 2 Tyres
Conti Preium Contact 2
Continental Conti Sport Contact 3 TyresConti Sport Contact 3 Tyres
Conti Sport Contact 3
Continental Conti Sport Contact 3e TyresConti Sport Contact 3e Tyres
Conti Sport Contact 3e
Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 TyresConti Sport Contact 5 Tyres
Conti Sport Contact 5
Continental Conti Trac  TyresConti Trac  Tyres
Conti Trac