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Tyre Manufacturers - Doublestar Tyres

Doublestar is a Chinese company. Doublestar is a large company producing car tyres, 4X4 tyres, truck tyres etc. Doublestar produces over 15 million tyres every year. Doublestar is mainly focused on producing economical tyres and making them up to worldwide standard and have legal certifications from Europe, America, Middle East and standard certifications from China. Doublestars are made with strict precision with high standards. Doublestars are sold all over the globe in more than 140 countries in Asia, America, middle-East and Europe. Doublestar make both summer tyres and winter tyres. Doublestar is worth 50,000 billion Yuan. Doublestar is one of the top industrial companies out of 500 in china. At Savingontyres we have a full range of Doublestar tyres. We have doublestar tyres at cheap prices. Our cheap tyres are best in class quality. We also have part worn tyres. We do same day delivery in Leicester and all over UK. For any queries give us a call at 01162611480.

Doublestar Tyres Models

Doublestar Deruibo RC21  TyresDeruibo RC21  Tyres

One of the major tires from the famous brand Double Star. The tyres are the most preferred choice when it comes to long distance travel.  The tread design and groves makes it good enough to have a proper control while driving and ensures grip on road.

Doublestar Deruibo RH63  TyresDeruibo RH63  Tyres

The brand is speaks volume and the performance of the tyre is commendable. Whether its dry or wet road conditions, the Deruibo RH 63 offer perfect traction and control while driving.

Doublestar Deruibo RH63 XL TyresDeruibo RH63 XL Tyres

This version of the tyre from Doublestar is the most trusted brand when it comes to driving under dry weather conditions. The Deruibo RH63 XL are a good choice for those who are looking for a budget yet effective and efficient summer tyres. Buy cheap Deruibo tyres on Saving on tyres.

Doublestar Deruibo RH65 XL TyresDeruibo RH65 XL Tyres

Another variant from Double start summer tyre range. It offers great grip on dry roads and enhances the fuel efficiency. These are budgeted tyres and available at the best price with Saving on Tyres.

Doublestar Deruibo RH67  TyresDeruibo RH67  Tyres

The summer tyres from double star ar good for driving under dry weather conditions. They are a well-known summer tyre brands from the Double star. With low noise level and fuel efficiency, they are a good choice for those who are looking for cheap Deruibo summer tyres.

Doublestar Deruibo RH69 XL TyresDeruibo RH69 XL Tyres

these summer tyres from Deruibo are a good choice for those who are looking for high-performance summer tyres.  This brand from Chine produces summer tyre with low noise level and a good dry and wet grip on the road.

Doublestar DH02  TyresDH02  Tyres

The Doublestar DH02 is a good option summer tyres. Despite being developed for dry weather conditions, the tyres work decently well even on wet roads and during winters. Saving on Tyres gives you cheap Doublestar DH02 Tyres available with us online.

Doublestar DS628 XL TyresDS628 XL Tyres

Doublestar DS628XL is a known brand when it comes to summer tyres. Apart from good traction and control on a car, the DS628XL offers low noise level and can perform decently well even on wet roads.

Doublestar DS805  TyresDS805  Tyres

This is a light truck tyre and the key feature of this include Large tread pattern which offers great handling quality and rib toll groove pattern which offers good grip on the road and improves traction.

Doublestar DS806  TyresDS806  Tyres

The DOUBLE STAR DS806 Car Tyres are available in 14 -16-inch sizes . They are used for and for passenger car vehicles. The special tread pattern of the wheel provides an excellent low noise level and comfort while driving.

Doublestar DS810 TyresDS810 Tyres

The tires from Doublestar have a great lateral pattern which helps in improving vehicles high-speed cornering  performance an reinforces the wear resistance of the tyres making it suitable for long distance travel.

Doublestar DS810 XL TyresDS810 XL Tyres

The tires from Double star falls under the summer tyre range and has been designed in a manner to offer good traction and control while driving on dry and wet roads.

Doublestar DS828  TyresDS828  Tyres

The tyres from Doublestar have been designed for rigorous use and the low rolling resistance. DS828 tyres offer fuel efficiency and it also has good drain ability.

Doublestar DSR08A TyresDSR08A Tyres

These tyres are apt to drive wheel of a truck on city roads or high-grade roads. The tyres have been designed in a manner that it is heated resistant, gives higher mileage and great fuel efficiency. The all weather pattern of the wheel design makes it suitable to be driven under both hot and cold...

Doublestar DSR116 TyresDSR116 Tyres

They are a good choice for wheels for truck to be driven on city roads. The pattern design and the draining ability of the tyre make it work efficiently well under all weather conditions. Moreover, the tyres also provide anti-sideslip performance and  has low wear. 

Doublestar DSR266 TyresDSR266 Tyres

The tyres are good to be driven on city roads and finds fitment in trucks. They  offer excellent traction, cornering grip and control while driving, The specially designed pattern of the tyre makes them heat resistant , offers lower noise level and good stability while driving.

Doublestar TAX106 KINBLY TyresTAX106 KINBLY Tyres

This model from DoubleStar tyres offer excellent traction and draining performance. Moreover,it has low rolling resistance and great heat radiation which make it less prone t wear and tear. The tyre has been designed in a manner that it function well under all weather conditions.