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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

In 1888 John Boyd Dunlop was trying to improve comfort and performance on his son’s bicycle when he invented the first pneumatic tyre. He was a Scottish veterinarian but when the tyre succeeded it gave John Boyd the means to set a foundation to a company which would later be known as Dunlop tyres.

Even owned and operated by Goodyear, Dunlop still keep its essential features and values. From the beginning Dunlop has been producing tyres for motorsports for all type of vehicles from four wheeler to two wheeler from 4X4 to regular SUVs and have been winning more than any other tyre manufacturer at 24 hour Le Mans and TT racing also known as isle of man, and the best of all using what they learnt from racing in producing better consumer tyres. Aquaplaning was actually first recognised by Dunlop engineers and developed special dunlop tyres.

Dunlop Tyres has been a technical partner to the many world’s leading vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes AMG, Audi, BMW and many more.

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