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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyres doesn't need any introduction. It’s a brand known for manufacturing of high-performance tyres by all over the world since Over the period of 125 years now the brand is a leading brand. The credit goes to the technology they apply an of their research and development team. They have many standards set when it comes to the safety of the user. The combination of the following technologies is the reason why Dunlop can bring out its name in one of the biggest brands coming to tyres. 

Hydro-Paddle Technology Offers smartly constructed tread grooves for efficient water drain ability on the road for exceptional traction.

Multi Pitch Tread Design Technology Using different sizes of tread blocks to help noise control. 

Active Traction Sipe System This is the reason behind enhanced traction and high- performance cornering, handling and braking due to the involvement of unique types of sipes. 

Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (DSST) saves you in the time of crises even when there is the complete loss of air pressure this technology strengthen sidewalls so that you can drive for some miles.

Silicarbon Matrix - The mix of cross silica and carbon black compound, gives the best grip in both wet and dry weather.

There are many other points that Dunlop uses. A Dunlop tyre is a Dunlop tyre. Dunlop tyres are famous as great track tyres as its one set can last for 12 hours long race. The brand offers 

All season Tyres

Direzza Tyres

Signature Tyres

Sport Performance Tyres

Truck Tyres

Car Tyres

Crossover/CUV Tyres

SUV Tyres

The features the brand has to offer are 

Fuel Saver

Wet Weather

Sports Performance

Superior Braking

Prevents Aquaplaning

Excellent Grip & Handling 

Durability & Stability 

Excellent Grip

Few Models and their benefit

Sport Maxx RT 2 - Powerful grip and steering precision 

Sport Maxx Race - Brilliant dry grip 

Winter Sport 5 -The grip for extreme winter roads 

SP SportMaxx GT  - Outstanding dry grip and responsiveness great for high-performance sports driving  

Sport BluResponse - All grip. No compromise  

SP WinterSport 4D - Superb grip for high performance in Winters 

It is one of the impressive tyres which prove itself the best on every parameter of demands of customers. We always strive to provide the best solutions and the services that our trusted customers always expects from us. They Expect we deliver!

We promise to serve you with superior driving performance and excellence in every ride.