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Tyre Manufacturers - ETERNITY Tyres

Eternity tyres are manufactured by the Al Dobowi Company, based in Saudi Arabia.Safety, reliability, great value for money, and modern design are the priorities of this company and their highly experienced tyre experts.

At the beginning this company mainly concentrated on the production of tyres suitable for heavy cars or trucks which carry quite a load and even run mostly on long

distance. But since a few years Eternity tyres cater for a wider range of tyre uses - from small cars to high performance vehicles. All manufactured to highest European standards and regulations.

So is you are thinking of buying cheap eternity tyres online, please have a look at our range online.We are sure you will find the right tyres in no time. Just order and we deliver them to your doorstep.

These tyres are more suitable for heavy cars or trucks which carry quite a load and even run mostly on long distance basis. For more details about eternity tyres you can easily visit their website and place your order. You can also look for various online options where you will get great quality products at reasonable rates.

ETERNITY Tyres Models


Eternity eco green tyres are considered as all season tyres. These tyres are high on performance on both on road and off road circumstances. They help in giving the vehicle a great mileage along with a proper and smooth riding experience. You can visit the nearest dealership for more information....


As the name already suggests, eternity eco mile provides excellent mileage of the vehicle with which it is installed. It has deeper and wider grooves which allow it to take care of the rider and provide a safe and smooth ride. It also provides great fuel efficiency which makes it a better choice ...


If you have been willing to go on an adventurous trip then these tyres are totally a necessity. Eternity eco peak tyres are built in a manner to combat with the toughest of situations. They are smooth on roads and are all season tyres which makes them more popular.


These tyres are fuel efficient which makes them even more loved. It has great speed and is less bumpy on tough and bad roads. The tyre has a great wet grip because of its summer nature but it can be well used as a four seasons tyres.