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About Falken Tyres: It’s always a pleasure to use branded high quality products whether it is clothes or anything else. Here we are talking about the cars and tyres. When we don’t compromise on brands in clothing why to compromise on quality when it comes to your safety which is very important aspect of your life. Falken Tyres found by Sumitomo Rubber Industries in 1983 in native country of Japan. The core focus of the company is to deliver the Ultra High Performance products in Car Tyres, Passenger Car Tyres, 4WD/SUV Tyres and Truck Tyres. Falken brand is  recognised for using the Japanese latest technology to build ultra high performance radials at affordable prices.

Falken Tyres Types

Performance tyres

o Azenis FK453 best for Summer Performance 

o Azenis RT615K extremely popular for today’s sports cars, performance compacts and sedans. RT615K confidently maintains grip both in street and track conditions.

o FK452 - Best in summers

o ZIEX ZE-912 - provides all season support and value along with great performance

o ZIEX ZE914 ECORUN  - Known for its efficiency in fuels and is proves to  economical in long run

Passengers Tyres

o Azenis PT722 A/S used for All Season Premium Performance Touring with deep tread depth and long sideways grooves

4WD Tyres 

o Azenis FK-453CC

o  FK AP



o ST Z01

o T110

o WildPeak A/T


o WildPeak H/T


o Ziex S/TZ05

Truck Tyres

o BI 867 Extra-high Traction Tread Design

o GI 327

o GI 377

o MI 577

o R 2

o R 51

o R-1200 offers Longer Mileage

o R-3200

o RI 103

o RI 117

o RI 158 great for the Wear Resistance

o RI-128

What does the brand have to offer?

Asymmetric Variable Tread Design for maximum traction

Enhanced cornering & improved braking traction 

Reducing tyre noise for clam and quieter ride.

Made with SILICA COMPOUND to provide super traction and grip for ultra high performance. 

Circumferential Grooves Providing effectual Water evacuation to improve hydroplaning resistance wet roads

High Tension carcass is made to be rigid to protect the tyre in extreme conditions to give better high speed stability

The special belts made up of steel offers better tread rigidity, superior grip 

Offer greater tread rigidity, superior grip and high speed stability. 

Increases durability at high speeds and promotes long lasting even wear. 

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Falken Tyres Models

Falken SN831  TyresSN831  Tyres
Falken ZE-914  TyresZE-914  Tyres
Falken ZE-914 XL TyresZE-914 XL Tyres
ZE-914 XL