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Tyre Manufacturers - FORCEUM Tyres

Forceum is one of the most renowned tyre manufacturer brands in Asia. This company started at a very small level but now has spread its market to a wider extent. Forceum tyres are better known for their smart grip on the road along with stunning styling and designing done on the tyres. There are varieties of tyres available for different sizes and categories of vehicles and also different tyres according to the conditions and weather situations. 

These tyres can be availed and purchased at your nearest Forceum dealership or if you are looking for a better purchasing option then go online. There you will various tons of varieties for this brand and a few are mentioned below as well. 

Buying Forceum tyres online

Forceum tyres give you the facility to look for their various tyres online and purchase the one you find the best for your vehicle. You can find replacement tyres for your old vehicle or even new tyre suggestions for the newest ones. Here are some of the best tyres from forceum tyres which are liked by millions of people.

For more information you can visit their website or even contact the customer care.

FORCEUM Tyres Models

FORCEUM D850 TyresD850 Tyres

Forceum D850 is another all summer tyre from Forceum tyres which was very much liked by the consumers. This tyre has a great wet grip on the road which does not allow it to heat up and is made of fine rubber which prevents early wearing and tearing out of the tyre. 


Forceum Hexa is an all different kind of tyre from the house of Forceum tyres. This tyre is known for its unique thread design with wider grooves which helps it in maintaining a strong hold over the road which is necessary for a good ride. Forceum hexa is used for different 4 wheeler cars and veh...


Forceum Octa car tyre is a proper summer tyre which gives you good grip on the b urningriads. It has strong rubber bands and is made from the thickest of rubber to prevent any mishappening during summers. These tyres are usually meant for SUV vehicles and provide strong support to them.


This tyre comes with a slightly different grooves design which makes it unique from others and can be used for normal city driving as it can handle that much of stress easily.


Another beauty from the house of Forceum tyres comes ultra 2. This category of tyres is specially made for SUV cars which require its tyres to be strong and supportive to provide a great riding experience. This is again a summer tyre which has the unique feature of wet grip in it. This tyre helps...