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Tyre Manufacturers - Michelin Tyres

Michelin is a French company founded by Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin In 1889 as a rubber factory, but Édouard was very enthusiastic about the pneumatic tire, so he and his brother wanted to create their version of pneumatic tyre that did not need to be glued to the rim, finally in 1934 they introduced a tyre that runs on a special foam lining when punctured which these days is known as a run-flat tyre.

Michelin started producing tyres in the UK in 1927 since then it has become the leading tyre manufacturer in the country, and now Michelin Tyres is active all over the world in over 170 countries. 

Michelin tyres is so successful because of their ideal rubber compound which is neither too hard nor too soft that makes driving with these tyres very comfortable as well as refined grip on the road and most of all it provides best in class reduction in fuel consumption and long-lasting, long-living durability, Michelin also uses another patented technology in their tyres that are self-locking sipes on a new tread pattern of their tyres which shortens the braking distance and better handling on curves and sharp turns in all weather conditions.

Michelin continues to improve their cross climate tyres in a wide range of sizes, pass climate is their first summer tyre to be awarded three peak mountain snowflake certifications to provide exceptional performance in both summer and winter weather as a summer tyre. Michelin tyres are available is all type of vehicles from cars, bikes, 4X4, commercial to SUVs.

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