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Tyre Manufacturers - Nokian Tyres

Based in Nokia, Finland founded in 1932 Nokian is the world’s most known winter tyre producer as they are the only one to have a permanent winter tyre testing facility in the world. Nokian produces tyres for all type of vehicles cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, buses and all the other heavy duty vehicles.

Being the world’s most known tyre producer for winter tyres, Nokian tyres has the most patents on winter tyres than any other manufacturer on the planet. Nokian has produced tyres fitted with metal studs in them to have better grip on snow but still manages to maintain low rolling resistance to save fuel and have better fuel economy.

That being said Nokian does produce summer tyres as well with technologies they like to call Round-Cavities and Silent-Groove-Design to provide comfort and  less noise inside and outside the vehicle.

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