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Tyre Manufacturers - Pirelli Tyres

About Pirelli Tyres : Italy-based tyre manufacturing unit- Pirelli was time-honored in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. It is the fifth largest manufacturing tyre unit in the world. Pirelli globally holds a steady presence in the tyre industry due to its technological advancements and superior level of performances on all types of terrains and challenging weathers. Today all the queen models of the automotive industry including BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, etc. are running on Pirelli tyres only. 

Pirelli tyres types are All Season, Motorsport, Summer Tyres and Winter Tyres. There is no doubt on Pirelli tyres when it comes to security, durability and mega performances. In prestige segment, we are the leading player. Our strategies are always focused on perfect fit that means right tyres for the right car which is designed by using the best technology and newest production processes. We always crack to give our best through tailor made tyres for each car model.

Pirelli specialises in Runflat tyres. 

Tyre responding is tremendous due to vehicle performance is excellent.

Providing greater control under unfavourable conditions

Improved safety in all weather conditions due to composite materials used in the make of the tyre. 

Reduced noise levels: Specific pitch sequence reduces noise emissions and enhance quieter drive.

High levels of comfort: Technology used improves stress control and helps in the smooth drive. 

Lower fuel consumption: The innovative compounds used aids in reducing rolling resistance  and thus in low fuel consumption

Top Models of Pirelli Tyres

Cinturato P4

Cinturato P1 Verde

Cinturato P6


Cinturato P1

P Zero Nero

Cinturato P7

Sottozero 3

Cinturato P7 Blue

Winter 240 SottoZero Serie II

P Zero Rosso

Innovation at Every Step

We are working on fast forward innovation. We have tied the knot with the leading car makers for the supply of original equipment. We believe in state of the art modelling for which we have made the huge investment in research & development to produce the best possible compatible tyres for the luxurious cars for our prestigious customers.

For quick service, we also serve our customers through our online stores where numerous variants of Pirelli tyres are available to suit your needs of driving in best possible way.