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Tyre Manufacturers - TOLEDO Tyres

Toledo tyres are being manufactured by SD International. An international company based in China.The founders of this company have been in business for a very long time, so they have a wealth of experience when it comesto quality tyres in the mid-range and budget tyre production.Toledo tyres are a good compromise if you are looking for decent quality tyres for little money.

Please have a look at our Toledo tyre range on our Savingontyres website. We always have a good selection of cheap Toledo tyres available.Take your time, choose- and order your tyres with peace of mind and we will send them to your door step in a jiffy.If you have any questions or prefer to get the tyres fitted in our Leicester shop, please contact us.

TOLEDO Tyres Models

TOLEDO DD932 TyresDD932 Tyres
TOLEDO DR902 TyresDR902 Tyres
TOLEDO DR905 TyresDR905 Tyres
TOLEDO DR909 TyresDR909 Tyres
TOLEDO DR919 TyresDR919 Tyres
TOLEDO DR920 TyresDR920 Tyres
TOLEDO TL1000 TyresTL1000 Tyres
TOLEDO TL1000 XL TyresTL1000 XL Tyres
TL1000 XL
TOLEDO TL3000 TyresTL3000 Tyres
TOLEDO TL5000 TyresTL5000 Tyres
TOLEDO TL6000 TyresTL6000 Tyres
TOLEDO TL6000 A/T TyresTL6000 A/T Tyres
TL6000 A/T