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Tyre Manufacturers - Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama is Japanese company founded in 1917 and has a long and successful history and today they stand among the largest tyres manufacturers all over the world. Yokohama has a huge history with the racing and rallying world. They are the original equipment provider to worlds most known car manufacturers like Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

Yokohama provides a full range of tyres for passenger cars, 4X4 SUVs, vans, trucks, industrial machinery etc. Yokohama’s wide range of summer tyres include well-known names like Advan, BluEarth and C.drive etc. and in winter tyres their most famous product is W.Drive. and they are all Premium products at competitive price.

Yokohama provides drivers tyres that can provide comfort, safety, reliability and performance in all weather conditions and at any type of surface whether on-road or off-road. They design their tyres in a facility that has an ability to stimulate upto 20 different road conditions to keep developing their products with new and innovative ideas.

Savingontyres located at 229, ABBEY LANE LEICESTER LE4 5QH ENGLAND has great reviews on ebay and not only on new tyres but as well as on used tyres, has a wide variety of Yokohama tyres for all winter, summer and also all-season tyres for all type of vehicles cars, SUVs and 4X4, you can buy Yokohama tyres online in all over UK, you can buy cheap Yokohama tyres in your budget, a full range of premium, midrange and budget tires is available online as well as in store.