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Batteries are the heart and soul of the electric system of the car. And we know how sophisticated the electronics on the cars are these days. All the cars these days have their own computer systems and sensors for better performance and early malfunction notifications. The system that controls all the sensors and other electronics in the car is called an ECU (electronic control unit).

And the whole system can crash if the battery isn't working properly. There are so many things that can go wrong with a battery and the system. Although new batteries are non-maintenance batteries but you still need to keep few things in mind in order to keep the batteries in check. There are a few things that are signs that the battery is losing power. And here they are;

  1. Headlight dims while the engine is not running.
  2. Horn blows less while the engine is not running.
  3. You can feel the difference between horn and lights running on engine and when not.
  4. Engine doesn't crank.
  5. Engine cranks slowly and doesn't start.
  6. Leaving the car for a few days and engine won't crank that mean the battery has lost power.
  7. If you have an analog speedometer and the needles drop from whatever speed you at to zero and comes back up instantly means the ECU is malfunctioning because of the battery.

Almost all the cars these days have battery sensors as well that can tell when the battery is losing power. But you can't rely on that because when the car is running and generating power for the battery, the battery illuminator will stop blinking. So you need to keep the battery in check via points told above. These techniques told above are very reliable. If you keep these things in mind and pay attention to the signs, you will never have to suffer because of your car battery.

Other things you need to do to maintain your current battery are;

  1. Keep the terminals clean.
  2. Apply rust and corrosion resistant on the terminals.
  3. Keep the battery fluids in check if your battery is the one with fluids.
  4. Keep the alternator in check.
  5. Ask for battery and alternator check and service every time you get your car serviced

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