pirelliPirelli is a multinational company dealing solely in tyres, based in Milan, Italy. This brand is amongst World’s top five selling tyre brands including Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental and Goodyear. The company was founded in 1872 in Milan by Giovanni Battista Pirelli and mainly produced rubber products like scuba diving rebreathers, tyres, and electric cables. It also started with a high tech sportswear equipment, but since 2005, the company is dealing solely in tyres.


Pirelli tyres have been a part of sports races and competitions and Pirelli has been sponsoring them since 1907. It has been sole supplier and partner supplier to many sports teams around the world. Pirelli is the sole tyre supplier in Formula one since 2010 and the FIM World Superbike Championship since 2007. The brand has marked its presence in many sports championships and races in previous years. It is one of the most famous brands amongst motor sports enthusiasts and its brand logo can be seen flashing everywhere in such competitions. It is loved and trusted be racing teams and drivers.

The legacy

Pirelli has a great history and research and development of over 140 years. It is one of the oldest companies producing vehicle tyres and has grown more than any company has in technology and research. Pirelli Tyres come under the original equipment supplier to many high-performance sports car companies like Aston Martin, Bentley etc. Their high-end research has led to innovation of cutting edge technology and great breakthroughs in the tyre industry.


Pirelli tyres are known to use the cutting-edge technology in such a way that it fits any kind of vehicle. What they research is for ultra-high performance sports cars and the modified cars to put on tracks for competitions but they improvise and use whatever is useful for everyday cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. Pirelli tyres can be found in almost all vehicles. And thus, clients can expect to experience high in performance and greatly handled driving with Pirelli tyres fitted even in a normal car.

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Talking about company’s statistics, it supplies in over 160 countries, has 19 manufacturing units and over ten thousand retailers and distributers. It has employed more than thirty seven thousand people worldwide and is currently owned by Chem China.

Why choose Pirelli Tyres:

  • Oldest one in the Europe, and in Industry!
  • Performance driven
  • Great for ultra high performance vehicles
  • Great at handling and excellent road grip.