vredestein-vector-logoVredestein Tyres was founded in 1909 in Netherlands, and manufactures passenger car tyres, industrial and agricultural application tyres, and bicycle tyres. Vredestein works jointly with an Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo in Europe and North America.


Vredestein tyres have more than one hundred years of rich history and market experience. It initially manufactured all kinds of rubber products, including tennis balls, shoe heels, boots, football balls, floor covering etc. On 13 September, 1934, there was a fire in the Loosduinen factory, and most of the factory was burnt down. Along with the reconstruction of the sabotaged factory, one more factory manufacturing bicycle tyres in Doetinchem was established.


Vredestein tyres serve a great deal of needs for passenger car owners. Their various ranges of tyres are sure to match to the needs of the customers to meet customer satisfaction. Their summer tyres have many models, fulfilling the demands of those who need either extra durability from their tyres or high performance. Same is the case with winter and all season tyres. An extra inclusion in the range of tyres at Vredestein are the touring tyres, which come in both summer and winter tyre varients, and for both normal and premium needs. Vredestein deals in industrial and agricultural need tyres, manufacturing tyres for tractors, and fast and slow industrial equipment. Vredestein also manufactures two-wheeler tyres, including bicycle tyres.


Vredestein serves worldwide with many production facilities around the world and headquarters based in Netherlands. In Britain, one can find Vredestein tyres online and get them fitted in the comfort of home, or walk down to the stores to find cheap tyres.

Choose Vredestein tyres because

  • Many tyre variants to serve specific needs, many variants in summer and winter tyres too.
  • Relies greatly on research and development, so you can trust their quality, durability and safety ethics.
  • Most tyres are designed by an Italian design house, Guigiaro Design, for those who love to see style along with comfort and safety.