dunlopEngland’s own tyre brand, Dunlop Tyres was founded in Birmingham in 1889. It is jointly run by Sumitomo Rubber Industries and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Major operations in Europe are executed by Goodyear for Dunlop tyres.


There are extensive manufacturing operations of the company throughout the world. Manufacturing plant in Washington closed in 2006, and 75% of the manufacturing shifted to Goodyear Dunlop manufacturing plant in the UK. In the UK, Dunlop Tyres work as a sales organisation, and imports tyres to Asia, and Europe.



Dunlop, with over 125 years of experience and expertise, has developed various technologies, most of which are exclusive to Dunlop.

  • Hydro-Paddle Technology: Dunlop tyres have specially, strategically positioned tread grooves which push the water out of the way quickly and effectively. It helps keeping the tyre in touch with the road, resulting in extraordinary traction.
  • Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology: Using acoustics that create such sound frequencies that can cancel each other out is a brilliant technique used by Dunlop. It ultimately reduces the noise inside the car.
  • Active Traction Sipe System: This system uses three exclusive types of sipes to pull, grip and enhance traction for high-performance cornering, handling and braking. Active Traction Sype System is very useful in ice and snow, and is used in winter tyres by Dunlop.
  • Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology: This technology actively engages sidewalls in condition of complete loss of air pressure in the tyre, and the tyre can still run up to 50 miles at the speed of about 50 miles per hour.
  • Silicarbon Matrix: This Dunlop car tyres exclusive technology is engineered to get you better grip in both, dry and wet weather conditions.
  • Traction Web Technology: The web like designed tread patterns help channel the water out, giving the drivers a better grip on wet and damp roads.
  • Dupont Kevlar: This fabric is attached to reinforce the sidewall of Dunlop tyres. It helps to maintain driving precision.
  • Dimensional Stable Polyester: This material stretches enough to give the tyres a long-lasting uniformity and toughness. It gives you a smooth and comfortable drive.
  • Max Flange Shield: This shield is made of rubber, and extends beyond the rim and wraps around the tyre’s sidewall to help protect against accidental curb damage.

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