falkenFalken is a new name in the tyre market around the world, founded just in 1983, in Japan and was introduced in the American market two years later. It is a subsidiary of the Japanese tyre manufacturing company Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.


Falken tyres does not have a long or elaborate history and has only started afresh somewhat 33 years back, but the achievements are indeed remarkable ones and worth noticing. Falken introduced Sincera tyres within 5 years of it being founded. Falken was created as a high performance radial tyre brand under the main corporation, and thus is a trusted name in motorsports, probably because of independent research for ultra-high performance car tyres by the company, supported by the main firm.

Innovationflaken-tires-calgaryOne can certainly rely on Japanese technology, particularly Falken tyres. It was created under the main corporation, specifically for research and production of ultra-high performance car tyres, because their production demanded a lot more attention due to increase in demand. For a company which diverted ultra high performance vehicle tyres into a separate line, it can obviously be said that they would meet the needs of the consumers. Falken Car Tyres use numerous exclusive technologies, and a few of them are enlisted here.

  • Breathing Pumice Technology:Similar to a respiratory rhythm, the porous pumice stone absorbs the water from the road first and then releases it again, hence the name “Breathing Pumice”.This new rubber mixture abrades icy road surfaces and simultaneously absorbs water from the ground. This serves to significantly improve the driving force.
  • NUR Spec: This special groove design enables high-volume water drainage and ensures an excellent aquaplaning resistance.
  • Special Eyes: Special eyes let you know when is it the time to change the tyres, taking care of your safety, and making the most out of your investment in tyres at the same time. This eye shaped cavity changes shape with increasing erosion, letting you know when is it apt to change your tyres.

You can purchase Falken tyres online and they will be delivered at your doorstep, also, you can find some great deals enabling you to access cheap Falken tyres for your ultra-high performance sports car out there. Choose safety and efficiency together, choose Falken tyres.