goodyearGoodyear is an America based multinational, manufacturing personal vehicle tyres, commercial and light motor vehicle tyres, motorcycle tyres, SUV and Race Car Tyres, and even heavy duty earth mover machinery tyres. Goodyear Tyres are being manufactured since 1898, although it also manufactures other products like airships. It shows how far Goodyear has taken its research and innovation. Goodyear was named after Charles Goodyear, who is believed to have invented vulcanized rubber, a derivative of natural rubber made by adding sulphur, which is more strong and durable than natural rubber itself, and thus, a great substitute of natural rubber for using in tyres.


The company began with 13 employees solely manufacturing bicycle tyres, carriage tyres, rubber horseshoe pads and poker chips. But the company grew as did automobile industry. Goodyear tyres were provided to Henry Ford for racing. In 1908, Ford launched the world’s first car, Model T, fitted with goodyear tyres. Goodyear manufactured its first aircraft tyre back in 1909. After intense researches, by 1926, Goodyear was the largest tyre manufacturing company in the world.

Innovationgoodyear-tyres-1024x576Many innovations fall in the basket in Goodyear Tyres. One very useful even after a hundred years of its first development patent in tubeless automobile tyre. Goodyear also developed tundra tyres, the heavy tyres used in light aircrafts which make the pilots operate on rough and unstable surfaces. When the entire US and World market started shifting to Europe because of the radial tyre invention, Goodyear developed its own, and radial tyres, in present day, take hundred percent of the market share.

Presently, Goodyear is known to serve worldwide, with sixty-seven thousand employees making average sales of two billion US dollars every year, and investing more and more every year into research.

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Why choose Goodyear tyres:

  • Excellent research and development facilities worldwide.
  • Great customer reviews, for fuel consumption and grip.
  • Last very long, even in off-roading vehicles
  • Used in most police cars, they are that good at handling
  • Very affordable