Do you know that your car tyres are in continuous touch with road and hence they are more susceptible to wear and tear and hence, if you compromise on the quality of tyres, you might need to get it repaired and replace regularly which eventually means more money out of your pocket? However, buying a good tyre brand can help you save on this amount but to buy such high-end tyre brands may ask for initial hefty investment. So, what next; well here I have compiled a few tips to take care of your car tyre and this will help in keeping your car tyre in shape.

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Here we go :

  1. Keeping them clean– Just like your car, you need to keep your car tyres clean. Make sure that you wash them regularly and polish it at frequent interval. A bucket of water stop and sponge is enough to keep our car tyre’s clean.
  2. Regularly check for wear and tear– Since your car tyre’s are in continuous touch with the road which maybe smooth or sometimes rough and hence, checking them regularly lets you know whether your car tyre’s are in good condition or not. Make sure that you check the sidewall and surface of the tyre before driving.
  3. Keep them inflated – Make sure that your car tyres are well inflated. Properly inflated tyres are less susceptible to puncture and also ensures balanced driving.
  4. Rotate them at frequent intervals– Some of you might not know but the front tyres wear off faster than the back tyres, make sure you rotate them regularly, this helps in avoiding uneven wear and tear.

Following these steps and most importantly keeping a regular check on the tyre condition increases the longevity of car tyres and thus makes it less prone for repair and replacement.

Happy Driving !!!