This might have sounded a bit weird to many of you, but the matter of fact is that similar to your car, the wheels and tyre of your car also susceptible to be stolen and why not? Nowadays tyres come with a heavy cost and one of the main reasons behind is the material that is being used to make it, it involves rubber, steel or other alloys etc.

Thus, it becomes very important that you should take due care of your car as well. Saving On Tyres is an online tyre selling company and we had experienced many car owners facing the issue of stolen tyres because of which they had to buy a new tyre. Well, thanks to many new developments we now have measures to keep the tyres of your car secured and as a responsible citizen, here we are enlisting some of the ways to keep your car tyres safe-

Having a car alarm– well, this method saves not only your car but will also save your car tyres. Removing tyres is not easy and you can definitely not do it without greasing your hand, with a good car alarm system, even the slightest of the bump can activate the alarm and will keep your car and car tyres safe.

Safe Parking – Apart from getting a car alarm system, it’s even more important to properly park your car and at the right pl

ace. Instead of parking on the street just to save few pounds, choose a proper parking area which can ensure the safety of your car and its tyres.

Lock your garage– An important thing that you should know is that stealing away your car tyre is not a 10 minutes job, the tyre theft usually happens at time when your car is parked for longer hours and are unattended for a long duration of time, thus make sure that your garage is always locked, and also ensure that place where you park your car is safe and has security guard.
These just a few simple ways to ensure the safety of your car and car tyres. For more such interesting information, stay connected with savingontyres.co.uk.