kumhoKumho established in 1960 in South Korea. It manufactures tyres under Kumho and Marshall brands.  Even after being a relatively new manufacturer, Kumho has made a huge place in the tyre market, and motorsports.


Kumho has manufacturing facilities across three nations in the world, and serves across the entire world. Kumho tyres runs three manufacturing plants, all in South Korea. One of these plants include the research and development unit of the company. Further, there are three plants in China and one in Vietnam. Apart from the South Korea research and development centre, it has got two more in Akron, Ohio, Birmingham, England, Buchholz, Germany, and Tianjin, China.

Kumho Tyre Ltd. (UK subsidiary) was founded in 1977. Its administrative functions are based in Sutton and marketing department and research and development centre are set up in Birmingham.

Kumho tyres
Kumho tyres

Motorsports & Sponsorships

Kumho tyres is the sole supplier to International Auto GP series for single-seat racing cars, an important platform for Formula 1 drivers. In fact, this season’s winner appreciates Kuhmo tyres a lot and says they played a massive role in his winning.  Kumho tyres also sponsor European Formula 3 racing. It is also a co-sponsor for La Liga. Kumho tyres have also remained the official tyre supplier to the annual blue riband ‘Masters of F3’ race. Kumho tyres is an official tyre supplier to French F4 Championship too, and to the all-conquering Peugeot RCZ saloon car racing team. Kumho also became the sole tyre supplier to the French Rallycross series. Kumho tyres helped in winning the Norwegian Rally championship and the MSA Tarmac Rally Championship.

Community Work

Kumho tyres has taken an initiative to uplift society, known by a programme called “Make a Difference”. It has run numerous community engagement events over many years. These have ranged from helping kids cross the road safely to supporting green environment. So if you choose to push your vehicle to its highest possible limits by switching to Kumho tyres, you can do that guilt-free because Kumho takes care of everything else.

Kumho tyres are delivered worldwide, with centres across the globe. You can order Kumho tyres online, and get great deals, or just walk in the store or to a dealer and get cheap Kumho tyres.

Purchase Kumho Car Tyres:

  • For getting great performance out of the vehicle you have heavily invested in.
  • To save some money on this inevitable expenditure.
  • To give back to the society by supporting a good cause.
  • To be assured of the quality you are relying upon for your safety.
  • To get the best deals, even with the local dealers.