michelin1Michelin is a tyre company which started from France in 1889. It is one of the three largest tyre manufacturing brands in the world, slightly below Bridgestone and Goodyear. Apart from tyres, Michelin also produces tour guides, maps, online mapping etc.


Michelin tyres, just like most tyre brands, started with rubber manufacturing and then developed further. The two brothers running Michelin noticed how cycle tyres were glued to the rim, and how their repair took more time because of the glue. In 1891, with constant efforts and improvisation, Michelin tyres took out its first patent, which was for a removable pneumatic tyre. It was first used in Paris-Brest-Paris long distance cycle race, and the cyclist using the tyre won! Michelin tyres also takes credit for developing world’s first tyre which would run a foam lining in punctured condition, which today is known as run-flat tyre. Michelin then researched for and developed a very prominent product, a revolutionary one in the tyre industry, called radial tyre. This technology was then used heavily by the Michelin, and made it grow unprecedentedly in the tyre industry. Radial tyres were less fuel consuming, gave a smooth ride, had a tougher frame, flexible sidewalls, wider footprint, longer tread life, reduced heat in the tyres and had an overall low maintenance cost. Six years after patenting radial casing, Michelin improvised this technology for trucks and buses as well. Obviously, Michelin’s distribution of radial tyres shot up immensely.


michelinMichelin Tyres has been a part of motorsports for a very long time. It has been a part of MotoGP from 1972 to 2008, and now it is the official tyre supplier to MotoGP. Michelin has also done a remarkable work of research and technology introduction in Formula racing as well. It introduced its revolutionary radial tyre technology into Formula One and won the Formula One Driver’s Championship. It has also marked its existence in Endurance racing and rallying.


Michelin, being one of the oldest innovation driven tyre manufacturer has invested a lot in research and development. It defines its mission to be enhanced mobility, through extensive researches, preparing material all by themselves, relying on existing technology but constantly working on new, and designing their own intensive and harsh tests for their products. It has currently employed more than a hundred thousand employees and operates in 72 production facilities in 19 different countries. Its net sales are around fifteen billion euros a year.

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Why choose Michelin Tyres:

  • Great at innovation, research and development
  • Patented Radial Tyres
  • Top three in the industry
  • Less fuel consuming
  • Low on maintenance