downloadContinental is a German automotive brand which manufactures brake systems, automotive safety, interior electronics, but chiefly specialises in tyres. It is the fourth largest tyre manufacturer of the world.

History & Innovation

Continental stepped into the industry as a rubber manufacturer in 1871. Of many technologies that Continental’s research and development has given to the world, prominent one is reduction in fuel consumption, which materialises through powerful fuel penetrating systems, tyres having rolling resistance and advanced propulsion systems. Continental Tyres takes pride in inventing the world’s first tyre with tread pattern, and innovating electric vehicle tyre range. Experts at Continental have improvised noise-reduction technology through extensive research, the technology is named ContiSilent and is designed to reduce the noise in the interiors of the car while driving on almost all road surfaces. Its performance doesn’t change even in extreme weather conditions and there is no extra fuel consumption or additional load on the engine. Another technology called ContiSeal is also in the basket of Continental Tyres. It reduces tyre damage by sealing punctures for nonstop mobility. These days, Ultra High Performance tyres are considered great advancement for better hold and handling. They ensure precisely accurate grip, resulting into better stability. Continental defines ultra high performance tyres as those which are 17” in diameter or more than 17”. Continental Tyres began with innovations, and is working towards innovations as its future goal.maxresdefault

Safety First

Safety must be the foremost motive of any brand dealing with automobiles. It’s the same with Continental. Before any innovation is sent for production for public sale, it is tested very elaborately. All new and old methods are used to attain maximum assurance of suitability and efficiency, but above anthing else, safety. Continental Tyres has its test sites in USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and Hanover. Independent experts can also access these sites and perform whatever tests they want to, on these Car Tyres. All the new tyre technology are tested in extreme weather conditions and on all road surfaces possible, to ensure that they are delivering the best quality product.

Consider purchasing Continental tyres online, and you might not find it too heavy on your pocket. Even many distributers deal in cheap continental tyres or the fairly priced ones.

Continental Tyres, over 145 years, has spread its network worldwide, with production in over 53 countries, and more than two hundred thousand employees dedicatedly working to produce and test best in class tyres.

Why Choose Continental Tyres:

  • Innovation driven
  • World’s first at many things, including tread pattern making
  • Extensive quality tests
  • Experience and heritage of over 145 years