nokian-tyres_416x416Nokian Tyres plc is based in Finland, and manufactures tyres for cars, trucks, buses, and heavy-duty equipment. Finland, being in the south of the Arctic, but to the north of the whole world, is a cold country. The cold weather and snow-capped landscapes complement the winter tyre testing facilities for Nokian Tyres all year long. This explains why Nokian is known for its winter tyres.


The company was established in 1865 as a pulp mill. Finnish Rubber Works was founded in 1898, renaming one of the pulp mills alongside Nokia river. It began manufacturing car tyres in 1932. Hakkapeliitta tyre name was introduced in 1936, and it is still a brand name for some of the nokian tyres. Nokian Tyres started producing carbide-studded snow tyres for bicycles, and continues to remain the only company supplying snow bicycle tyres in the world.


Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres manufacture passenger car tyres, heavy commercial tyres, and retail tyre sales. The company has remained the most profitable tyre manufacturer in the world since 2008. Nokian Tyres designed their first winter tyre in 1934, and has been the most popular winter tyres manufacturing company since then. Nokian has the most number of winter tyre patents than any other manufacturer. Nokian winter tyres have been the favourite of the critics and have been tested greatly on all sorts of platforms. Some winter tyre models of Nokian come with low rolling resistance, offering lower fuel consumption. It also takes pride in being the first country to produce tyres which could be used for all year long, with one tread pattern designed for winters and one designed as an all-season pattern. Nokian was also the first tyre manufacture to use low-aromatic oils in its production, instead of high-aromatic oils. This was a highly commendable move for taking care of the environment. Nokian tyres are not sold to automobile manufacturers, and thus, the company concentrates on the more profitable consumer tyre replacement and premium snow tyre market. Nokian tyres also manufactures bus and truck tyres under the name of Nokia Hakkapeliitta brand. They also sell tyres for heavy-duty commercial vehicles used in forestry, agriculture and industrial machinery. They also manufacture snow tyres for bicycles studded with metals to give a grip over the snow.

Where to Find them

Nokian tyres have production facilities in three manufacturing plants in the world, and is expected to launch a new one soon at Kazakhstan. Nokian delivers to 60 countries worldwide, and is accessible even online in Britain. So you can purchase Nokian tyres online, or find cheap tyres by walking in the store.

Why Nokian

  • Most trusted brand in Winter tyres, from a country who knows what it is like to be a northerner.
  • Great value research in winter and forestry tyres. Safety and durability are the key principles they work on.
  • They test not only in laboratories, but also in real-life environments. Finland manufacturing plant runs the all-year-long snow tyre testing facilities.
  • Using the low-aromatic oils, they have taken care of the environment too.