hankookHankook Tyres was founded in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company, and was the first tire company in Korea.  The company was renamed to Hankook Tire Manufacturing in 1968. The word “Hankook” means Korea. It is the seventh largest tyre manufacturing company in the world, particularly renowned for its radial tire and bias-ply tire production. Apart from Tyres, Hankook also manufactures batteries, alloy wheels and brake pads.


Right after its establishment, Hankook tyres faced a downfall due to the Korean war. But it being the first company in the era where Korea was still at a verge of beginning industrialisation, it revived. In 1960s, the Korean economy rapidly developed, and so did the manufacturing industry of the country. Hankook tyres worked hand in hand with the Korean government in two very major highway projects responsible for developing transportation in the country.


The company has its Headquaters in South Korea, and many production facilities around the world, supplying to most countries of the world. You can even order Hankook tyres online and get them delivered to your place.12h-zandvoort-0470Innovation

Hankook tyres were the first in Korea to develop winter, tubeless and radial tyres for passenger cars. It also set up a production facility in 1979 which specialised in producing radial tyres, after a hectic research and heavy investment. It also developed Kontrol Technology, and applied it even in cheap tyres, in almost all the production facilities. The ‘K’ of Kontrol means kinetic, or movement. Hankook serves to the very basic four needs that any driver would want to be fulfilled.

  • It maximises performance with the best in class durability that gives the driver the best handling even under the worst driving conditions.
  • Better handling leads to better grip over the vehicle, and over-all, better safety.
  • The Hankook tyres are designed to limit noise, vibrations and harshness on the roads, basically providing with the greatest comfort one can have while on the go.
  • It affects rolling resistance and ultimately increases fuel efficiency and reduces the negative impacts on environment by reducing carbon emissi