Bridgestone is a multinational corporation manufacturing auto and truck parts since 1931. It originated in Japan 85 years ago, and the founder Shojiro Ishibashi originally named it Kabushiki Gaisha Burijisuton.


Bridgestone suffered a lot from 1939 to 1945, during First World War. Japan was the most affected nation during the war and wartime regulations were imposed throughout the country. Tyre industry also came under the jurisdiction of wartime regulations and Bridgestone’s entire output was being used to satisfy military demand. War ended in 1945, but the corporation was devastated by then. The Tokyo headquarters were destroyed because of an aerial bombing raid, and all of the overseas assets of the corporation were lost. Only two plants escaped the war in working conditions, and the corporation resumed production immediately after the war. The production was hindered again because of labour union strike that lasted for forty six days, but the corporation grew again from ashes, and the foundations of the company were reinforced after this. Bridgestone Tyres also manufactured motorcycle tyres for some years after the war, and earned major part of its income by supplying to Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Innovation and Development

Bridgestone Tyres Corporation decided to stick to manufacturing solely based on Japanese technology, actually becoming independent from Eoropean and North American technology. Because the company started afresh, with no experience in the industry, and had to work on self innovated technology instead of relying on the existing one, it suffered hugely in the initial years. But eventually started meeting the expectations of international and domestic customers. Bridgestone Tyres was the first company in Japan to begin selling rayon cord tyres in 1951, and a five-year project to modernise all the production lines and facilities was also launched during the same year. In 1953, sales surpassed ten billion yen, making Bridgestone the the top seller of tyre industry in Japan. Bridgestone started producing nylon tyres in 1959, and added many plants to its assets to meet the needs of ever expanding motor market. It opened its first ever overseas production unit in Singapore in 1965. In 1988, Bridgestone Tire Corporation purchased the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company of Ohio, America. Adding considerable efforts into Firestone, both financially and personally, Bridgestone made noticeable annual profits for many consecutive years.

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Bridgestone marked its presence in many motorsports competitions. It was backed by Japanese automobile manufacturers like Nissan and Toyota. Bridgestone has remained a main supplier in the Japanese Super GT championship. It has also been a part of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. The corporation now decided to retire from the tracks and entered an unprecedented alliance with My Wiki Biz for a Yacht race throughout the Atlantic ocean.

Bridgestone has made large profits using new technologies these days. It has 141 production facilities in 25 countries, and supplies good and cheap Bridgestone tyres worldwide. You can buy Bridgestone tyres online at competitive prices.

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