yokohamaYokohama is a Japan based tyre manufacturing company, which was established in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan. The company expanded to the USA in 1969, and runs its major worldwide operations from there now. Yokohama is amongst the top eight tyre producers in the world, and produces over 60 million tyres on average in a year.

Range of Equipment

Yokohama has mainly purchased most technologies from the innovators to use instead of developing their own. But they now own a range of technology to complement all sorts of tyre needs, from family car tyres to SUV, High end sports car to commercial vehicles, and vans and racing cars. Yokohama Tyres have managed to develop enoughto be approved as original equipment provider to brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porche and Audi across the market in Europe. Yokohama Tyre products have many features, enough to serve specific needs like winter tyres, run-flat tyres, off-roading tyres, ultra-high performance vehicle tyres or all season tyres. The company serves almost all needs and every budget.


Yokohama Tyres have shown rich interest in sponsoring for the motorsports competitions, and has marked its existence everywhere. Yokohama is the official tyre supplier of the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, the World Touring Car Championship and Japanese Super Formula.Yokohama company has been the official tyre supplier of the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup race since 1983. It also has partnerships in single-seater series and global rallying. Apart from these, it also sponsors many competitions, so we can see Yokohama branding flashing in many motorsports competitions.


Environment Friendly

The company is committed to make least harms to the environment and has developed most of its technologies for this purpose by its own. Even the Cheap Yokohama Tyres are designed efficiently to reduce rolling resistance and maximise fuel saving. Innovations like Orange Oil Technology are developed to replace harmful mineral-derived components with oil from citrus peel. In addition to this, Yokohama has gone beyond manufacturing and is committed to planting five hundred thousand trees by 2017, under its Forever Forest Campaign, which is supposed to be accomplished by the hundredth anniversary of the company. You can find Yokohama tyres online, so you don’t have to drive down to the dealer, saving energy, money, time and fuel.

Choose Yokohama Because:

  • The tyres are known for safety, with Yokohama being a trusted brand in most motorsport racings.
  • Company believes in reliable research and technology development.
  • Is trusted by many car manufacturers across the Europe as their original equipment provider.
  • Is the only company being driven keeping environmental safety as a priority