Brakes And Clutches

We do Brakes & clutches as well. We use all the proper equipments for the job and we only use original equipment part if a replacement is necessary. Brakes are one of the major safety components of the car. As we all know brakes stop the rotation of the car by using frictional force on the disc by applying pressure on either side by pads and in this whole process a lot of other components help as well like brake fluids and servos. So it is a complicated system as it includes a lot of parts and now days there are so many other electric aids and sensors connected to the system for better performance.

Same is with the clutches these days. As we are moving forward with time everything is connected to computers or electronic systems for better performance and clutch is a major part of a car. Clutch is a part that connects the engine to the gearbox and provides a connection that can be controlled via foot paddle or an automatic transmission. Torque is applied and gears are changed by the help of the clutch. So clutch is a very important part and it contains a number of plates and springs as well as fluids to help it work proper.

Brake failure signs
  1. You have to apply more pressure on the paddle than usual to stop the car.
  2. Paddle shows more or less resistance than usual.
  3. Car is taking longer than usual to stop.
  4. Hearing noise out of braking disc and pads.
  5. Losing pressure while braking on the pad.
Brakes & Clutches
Clutch failure signs
  1. Releasing the clutch but the cars isn't moving or it's too slow even at high revs.
  2. Trouble changing gears.
  3. Car seems to be losing problem can be caused by clutch fail.
  4. Hearing sounds from the gearbox and engine while changing gears.

At Bingham Auto Care in association with savingontyres Leicester we provide the best services for Brakes and Clutches. We use all the modern equipment while changing fluids or replacing parts. We only use original equipment parts for replacement. And our experienced team of mechanics is very time efficient and work in deadlines. So you will receive your vehicle serviced in given time. We have fixed but very affordable prices. So make the most of our services and prices. Make your appointment today by giving us a call.

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