Car Servicing

Car servicing is very important for your car and for your safety as well. Car servicing should only be done by professionals because there's a lot more than just changing engine oil and air filters. There are more than 50 things that need to be checked every time you get your car serviced. All these things are not only important for your comfort but for your safety as well. The things we sometime we don't even pay attention to can result disastrously. For instance sometime we don't pay attention to warning lights for important components of the car like brakes or engine lights sometime even airbag malfunction warning lights, but all these warning lights need immediate attention. Car servicing not only helps you to keep your car in good condition but a good service history also helps in maintaining a good market value. There are a lot of technical things that we regular car users don't know about cars that needs attention like the things underneath the car like ball bearings, ball joints, connecting rods and suspension components that need to be checked and kept in good condition for better driving comfort and safety. All these things are checked and repaired in a full car service.

When to get your car serviced?

You can get your car serviced every 10'000 to 12'000 miles as well as every year depending upon whichever comes first. This is a full service that includes all the checks and changes. Interim service which should be done every 5'000 to 6'000 miles or every 6 months whichever comes first. And a regular general checkup can be done whenever your car needs it or whenever you feel like it.

Car Servicing
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Bingham Auto Care in association with Savingontyres brings the top services at very affordable prices for you. With a dedicated team of professionals and all original equipment parts for your car, we provide the best servicing for your car. You can make your appointment here online and on your arrival, your car will be serviced in time and checked if need any extra repairs. But before that you car will be examined thoroughly and all the estimated costs for changes, repairs and other options will be told briefly before servicing. We do our best to provide the best service experience for you.