Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics are used to read an error generated by the ECU. ECU means the Engine Control Unit. ECU monitors the engine and all the other components it is connected to, which is these days are pretty much all the major components, some even monitor the tyre pressure. Whenever a problem occurs or something seems to be not working properly, the sensors automatically report back to the ECU. The ECU then triggers the warning light on your dashboard. But the warning light can't tell you the exact problem that has occurred, it can only tell you that the component it is attached to is malfunctioning. The ECU can generate hundreds of error codes but to read them you need a diagnostics tool.

Why it is important?
  1. The warning lights appear mostly when something starts to malfunction not after when the whole component is ruined. That is why it is important to get the problem fixed before it can damage more components.
  2. Using the diagnostics to search a problem can save you a lot of time and money. Because of the error codes generated you can target the exact location and the reason of malfunctioning.
Why Us?
  1. At Bingham Auto care we use the latest diagnostics tools to read errors in your car.
  2. Our team of professional technicians uses their experience to fix the problem efficiently and immediately.
  3. Our prices are the best in the UK.
  4. Our team will keep you in loop about the progress done and remaining work left to do.
  5. You can book your appointment online or on phone.
Engine Diagnostics

By using our diagnostics service you can save yourself a lot of money and time. For any queries give us a call and make your appointment today and make the most out of our best and cost effective services. To explore more about our services please go through our service page. We have tons of other services as well at very affordable prices.

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