Gearbox Repairs

At Bingham Auto Care we specialize in fixing and servicing manual gearboxes from all popular makes and car models. We do servicing, repairs and reconditioning of the gearboxes. There are two types of gearboxes that are automatic gearbox and a manual gearbox. An automatic gearbox utilize the same arrangement of riggings to create the greater part of the distinctive apparatus ratio's. The Gadget that makes this conceivable in an automatic gearbox is known as the planetary gear set. And in a manual gearbox you change gears manually using the gear liver. A manual gearbox bolts and opens diverse arrangements of gears to achieve the different apparatus proportions.

7 Gearbox problems
  1. Noise in one or more gears when changing.
  2. Unable to select particular gear or trouble changing gears in more than one.
  3. Crunching sounds from the gearbox or the floor when changing gears.
  4. The car Jumps out of a particular or other gears.
  5. Feel vibrations coming from vehicle transmission.
  6. Feeling difficulty selecting and changing gears.
  7. Hearing clicking or whistling sound.
Gearbox Repairs
About Us

At Bingham Auto Care in association with savingontyres we provide gearbox repairs at very affordable prices. We have a professional team of technicians with years of experience working and fixing gearboxes and other components of the car. We do tons of other services as well. For any queries or booking any appointments please give us a call. Our gearbox related services are listed below and why choose us.

  1. Gearbox repair if needed.
  2. Gearbox reconditioning.
  3. Gearbox servicing like changing gearbox fluids.
  4. We service both automatic and manual gearbox.
  5. We do gearbox replacements as well if needed
  6. We use proper equipment to change gearboxes so that no harm is done to the car in the process.