Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is actually just a process done to make the wheel rotate with even weight in circular motion. If the wheel is not balanced than you might face some problems that can lead to bigger problems like wobbling in steering wheel and you might feel vibrations while driving at high speeds. But topping all these problems misbalance in the wheel can cause uneven wear and can lead tyres to have weak spots which might result in blow outs or leaks. All these problems caused by imbalanced wheels can cause problems in suspension and steering components, which can lead to many expensive repairs so it is better to get the wheels balanced right away when you feel the steering wobbling and vibrations in the car. Wheel balancing should be done every time new tyres are mounted on.

Problems you will face with wheel imbalance
  1. Wobble in steering wheel after a certain speed.
  2. Vibrations in vehicle after a certain speed.
  3. Vehicle steering capabilities might decline as well.
  4. Uneven tyre wears which might also lead to weak spots in the tyre that can cause blowout or leaks in future.
  5. If not fixed than imbalance in wheels can cause problems in steering system and suspension.
Wheel Balancing
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Bingham Auto Care in association with savingontyres Leicester provide many services for your car including wheel balancing and wheel alignment at very affordable prices. At Bingham Auto Care we have all the modern equipments to resolve problems in your vehicles efficiently and price effectively. We have a well trained staff that has years of experience and the respect time limits. We have it all for better services and customer satisfaction.

  1. A well trained staff.
  2. Cost efficient services in time.
  3. Professional technicians with years of experience
  4. Professional modern equipment.
  5. We only use original equipment parts if need replacement.

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