Tyres are an important part of your vehicle, no matter which segment your vehicle belongs to, a good and high performing set of wheels can make a huge difference in the fuel consumption, mileage, control while driving and lowered maintenances cost.

Well, if you have been sitting and wondering which would be the right set of wheels for your vehicle, then Pro Fit Bays garage, Birmingham brings you close to buying best and cheap tyres online. Pro Fit Baysgarage has been dealing with automobile repair, diagnostic and maintenance from a long time and in this tenure we have gained expertise about what is good for your vehicle and what is not. We have come to a conclusion that people often undermine the important of tyres, hence; we suggest having the right set of tyres for your vehicle to make it perform efficiently. The choice of tyres depends on the kind of weather and road conditions on which the car will be driven.

There are 3 categories of tyres available in the market:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All Weather Tyres

Every tyre has been designed in a specific manner and thus theirperformance varies on different conditions. Summer tyres are good to be driven on dry roads and places where temperature is above 7 degree, whereas the winter tyres are fit to be driven on wet and snowy roads, all weather tyres works well on both kinds of roads.

Birmingham experiences extremetemperature sometimes and in such conditions, winter tyres works well. Pro Fit Bays Garage, Birmingham has different brands of tyres under one roof. Our technical team thoroughly assess your vehicle and tyre conditions and suggest replacement or repair depending on its conditions.

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