Audi Tyres

Founded in the early 20th century, the company’s name – Audi – is the rough Latin translation of the surname of its founder-engineer August Horch, which translates into –Listen – in German and becomes – Audi – in Latin.  

The four rings of the famous Audi logo represent the four car companies that were later merged to create Audi’s erstwhile company, Auto Union.

Across the world today, Audi AG is known as a premium manufacturer of luxury automobiles ranging from sedans, SUVs, sports and coupes in various body styles incorporating the latest technology and innovative design that has catapulted Audi into one the world’s best-known and leading automobile brands.

Needless to add, customers of this world-renowned German car manufacturer expect their tyres to reflect the same quality attributes of high performance, safety and durability as the car they drive.

At, we make sure to give you the widest range of the best known tyre brands for all Audi makes and models at a price that’s easy on your pocket.

Audi tyres are specially manufactured for each Audi model using only the best quality materials and the latest testing methods to ensure that the wheel rim and tyre are perfectly coordinated to meet Audi’s exacting standards of quality and durability. 

To achieve the stringent AO marking for every Audi model, Audi tyres have to pass through approx 50 performance tests – a method that is a lot more demanding than even statutory tyre regulations. 

Talk to our friendly staff if you need help to find the right tyre for your car or simply search online using our easy, user-friendly VRM system to find a tyre of your choice within your budget.

If you are on a tight budget we can also offer you high-quality part worn tyres from all leading brands with almost new threads of between 6-7mm. Not only can you save a lot of money on these tyres they are perfectly safe to, having been checked for punctures, bulges or any kind of damage to their side walls.  Come and see for yourself.    

Our in-house team of mechanics and technicians at will ensure that all your tyre needs are promptly taken care of and your vehicle is perfectly safe on the road for you and others. In addition to getting to choose from over 160 brands instore and online, we also offer free delivery anywhere in the UK the very next day and same day delivery if you are based in Leicester itself.

So if your in the market for new car tyres for your Audi, feel free to visit us at anytime. We are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 7 pm, or call our customer helpline anytime between 8-11 pm any day of the week. Alternately you can also book, buy or order Audi Tyres directly on our website as well. Hope to serve you soon.

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