Honda Tyres

A brand like Honda has been sustaining in the Indian market with dignity and love for a long time now. There a number of Honda models which can be easily spotted on Indian roads. To make a car a success, it is highly important that you must install and equip the vehicle with just the right kind of tyres to match its level and increase its performance rate. Here are a few Honda brand cars and the best honda tyres to be used with them.

  1. Honda Civic - This is a hot favorite in various parts of India and is loved by millions of people. Honda Civic is a luxury car which is a true combination of style with high performance. Honda cars are known for their amazing looks and maximized performance Honda Civic is a live example of that. To match a car like that, the Honda makers use Dunlop ST20 tyres. They provide a good grip on the road along with a comfortable ride to the rider.
  2. Honda Accord - A car like Honda Accord does not require any sort of introduction for itself as the name is enough. Honda Accord is a beauty which is available in a few colours that bring life to this specific piece of master art. For good performance and maintaining the standards set by Honda, Honda Accord is equipped with 225/45 R17. These cheap honda tyres allow the car to run like a bullet but also stay steady and intact with the road at the same time.
  3. Honda CR-V - Honda CR-V is a car which was not only known for its outer looks but was more famous for the engine that it runs on. The car is capable of providing a comfortable ride and knows exactly how to arrive in style. If you are looking for a Honda model which will up your standard but still keep you stuck to the ground. The ideal tyres for Honda CR-V is RE050 tyres in 245/40 R17 sizes.

Honda Tyres has been in the limelight for a very long time because of its super comfortable ride well defined design and amazing style which can make anyone go aww. Some of the most popular Honda cars are Honda City, Honda Jazz, Honda CR-Z and many others. To know about the most suited honda tyres online for your Honda car, you can visit the Honda website or contact their customer care for proper information.

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