Land Rover Tyres

Land rover is a brand which is known for its brilliant performance and stylish looks. Not only is it known for the Excellency in its driving but it is even admired for its strong tyres and rough tough look. Every land rover and range rover model has different tyre settings and different tyres. For becoming and keeping its title of becoming the ultimate off roader, the right kind of tyres is necessary. The following article will give you good knowledge about which land rover tyres online are the best fits of which land rover models.

  1. Defender - Defender is considered as one of the most rough and tough car in the land rover series. It is considered as the best option when any off road terrain is being taken for adventure. For such a car, getting the right tyres becomes a very critical as well as important job. Pirelli's 235/85 R16 Scorpion ATR and 7.50 R16 are considered to be the best fits for Defender. These tyres cooperate with the heavy body of defender and also make its travelling more comfortable.
  2. Range rover - Range rover is a great creation from the house of Land rover which is known as one of the most luxurious SUVs. To provide comfort and luxury with great speed and durability, range rovers are fitted with the best options available for it. 255/60 R18 and 255/55 R19 are considered as the true matches for range rover. These let the car travel at the lowest noise possible with increased performance.
  3. Freelander 2 - Defining its name in the truest sense, freelander 2 is a class of SUV which is well renowned for its on road and off road performance. This popular mixture of style and toughness is said to be equipped with all season tyres which compliments it in all situations. 215/65 R16 and 225/55 R17 the tyres that make freelander2 what it is known for. These are the best fits for it.
  4. Discovery 3 - Discovery 3 is one of the best discoveries ever made by land rover brand. It is an ideal SUV which offers high speed, smooth and comfortable drive and excellent performance to its riders. If we are talking about the best fits, then 255/60 R18 and 255/55 R19 make its perfect companions. These are usually fitted as per factory standards and work efficiently.

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