Lexus Tyres

Lexus is a huge name when it comes to prestigious and luxurious cars. Lexus is a creation of Toyota group which started the production of various Lexus models keeping in mind its key features- luxury and style. Lexus cars are beauties with sheer comfort and amazing design. Lexus saw the day of the light to compete with the biggest brands of cars like Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar. Lexus has various original model and various hybrids which are always better than the past models. Lexus car tyres online selection was never an easy task because it is very important that compatible and complementing tyres are installed. Here are some of the most renowned Lexus brand models and their selected car tyres.

  1. Lexus IS300- Lexus is the proud owner of a variety of cars that were brought into existence and were loved by many. Lexus IS300 is one such car model which was a perfect combination of beauty and talent. This car was very comfortable both in best as well as worst conditions. Dunlop was held responsible was providing eminent and efficient and cheap lexus tyres for this model so it could match up with the engine and other car features. Dunlop provided tyres for various other Lexus car models as well like LS430, LX470, LS400, GS300 and many others. Dunlop tyres proved to be the original strength for these cars.
  2. Lexus GS350- Every new Lexus car model was always better than its earlier model and there was a reason behind it, their promise of improvements every time. Lexus GS350 redefined the journey of Lexus. This model was apt for any condition and therefore was considered among the most comfortable cars. The tyres for this model were provided by Yokohama tyres. These were strongly built tyres which were classy looking and could bear even the roughest and toughest of situations. Yokohama provided tyres for various other Lexus models as well such as GS430, GS460 and many others.

Various tyres companies were willing, supportive and cooperative in helping Lexus rise from the ground but the most helpful were Yokohama and Dunlop. Lexus tyres online were also very easily sold and were a comfortable option for various customers. If you have any queries regarding the brand, its models or tyres then you can visit your nearest Lexus store or their website for valid information. You can communicate with their customer care officials as well.

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