Mini Car Tyres

The car world is not at all a small place. There are numerous car models and tyres which are being liked and sold by people all around the globe. If we talk about mini, then it won't be wrong to say that it was the BMW group that gave it a new life and chance. To get a strong hold on the small cars market, the BMW group purchased the ownership of mini cars and they believe that it was one of the best business decisions. To get some more relevant information about the mini cars and Mini car tyres online, read the following article and enlighten yourself.

  1. Mini Cooper S- It is not only the name which is attractive and interesting but the car has same effects on its owners. Mini Cooper S was a sensation in the world of small cars which came with a bang. This ultra-sophisticated car gives you the pleasure of any expensive car at affordable rates for many. The tyres are designed by Dunlop which works on runflat technology where you do not need to carry a spare with you. The best tyre option for Mini Cooper S is 205/45 r17. Other companies which provide excellent tyres for this amazing car are Pirelli, Bridgestone and good year. This car is designed to provide luxury and comfort but also maintain a good grip on the road even in the toughest of situations.
  2. Mini One- This mini model has kept alive the real spirit of a mini but with some improved features. The car is excellent on the road and drives like a boss. Its beauty is impeccable and is loved by a number of people. BMW did a great job with this thus made it number one in the small car market. The cheap mini tyre options for this model are Pirelli and Bridgestone. However, 175/65 r15 Pirelli are considered to be Mini One's true mates. They provide comfortable driving even in heavy traffic and allow the driver to exploit the maximum potential of the vehicle.

Mini model tyres are not very rare to find but what is more important is to find the right match for every mini model according to its structure, features and alignment. In case of any emergency or query, you can visit the Mini car's website and also contact their customer care executives for a satisfied approach.

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