Peugeot Tyres

Peugeot is not a new brand but it took some sweet time to come in the limelight. Peugeot is one of the oldest and biggest car manufacturers who have been known for precision and sensual designing. This brand has evolved over a period of time and in that course produced some of the best cars ever in the history of car industry. These cars demanded tyres which were strong yet soft in movement and smooth on road with no bumpy rides for the passengers and with lots of research they actually found them. Here are some of the Peugeot models and Peugeot model tyres which are advanced and precise in movement.

  1. Peugeot 307- This car had its major focus diverted on safety rather than styling or designing. This car was a great run for small family or friend's travelling and even gave a cool looked but wasn't as up to mark as it was expected to be the. The car gave a comfortable ride but could not bear great bumps and thus turned bumpy in some places. The tyre suggestions for Peugeot 307 were Pirelli and Michelin. The standard tyre sizes accepted by the manufacturers were 195/16 R15. They helped balance the vehicle and its compactness and also run greatly on road at the same time.
  2. Peugeot 607- Another beauty from the house of Peugeot motors was Peugeot 607. This car was very popular on the professional and gained much attention there. This car was an amazing option for long drives and highway roads but it wasn't much fun when city roads as considered. Peugeot 607 gave us serious car goals with its beauty, simplicity, advancement and modesty in affordable and jaw dropping rates. Its main aim was at the middle section people's pocket and therefore the car was full of amenities but in great prices. The most ideal tryes for this beauty were 225/55 R 16 Michelin and Pirelli and they were extremely complementing to the build up and engine of the vehicle.

Peugeot has an official website where you can seek answers to all your questions and also talk to the officials of the company. You might find some great cheap tyres online replacements for your Peugeot model at a renowned dealership or even online. This way you will be saving your time, energy and money altogether.

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