TVR Tyres

TVR has been out of business for a long time in between but sooner after their losses, they came back in the market and showed their competitors what they are really made of. TVR is one of the oldest car manufacturing corporations which is known by all. The tyres made for a company like TVR were always classy and masculine. They were strong enough to balance the car perfectly and also run smooth even in the roughest of locations. Tuscan car was the model that brought back the credibility and glory of the TVR motors. Here is a list of various TVR models with their cheap tvr tyres specifications.

  1. TVR Tuscan - TVR Tuscan is one of the most popular TVR brand car models with uptown quality and is a real beauty of its class. The tyres earlier used for TVR Tuscan were Bridgestone S02 and they worked extremely well with the model. These tyres were loved by every brand whose cars were very masculine and wanted to show the muscle that they had. Once the company stopped the production of Bridgestone S02 then it was Bridgestone S03 that became TVR Tuscan's best pal. Another best option for TVR Tuscan recommended by experts is Toyo T1-R which again was a gain to the company.
  2. TVR Chimera - TVR Chimera is one of the best cars ever made by TVR brand. This car model is a beautiful blend of luxury and amazing driving experience. The TVR model tyres used for this model had to be sophisticated and strong at the same time. To optimize the drive quality of TVR Chimera, the best tyre options are Avon Z3, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric and Bridgestone RE71. Such tyres are capable of maintaining good speed along with balancing the vehicle in the toughest of situations. TVR Chimera good a business in this filed and was best in class when launched. This car became a real game turner for TVR motors.

TVR tyres online are very rare to find as some of the tyres which the older models used no longer exist therefore it becomes a very critical job to finalize the tyres for a brand like TVR. In case of more enquiry or further details, you can visit the TVR showroom or even log on to their website where you find all the relevant details at the instant of a click. Also save their customer care contact in case of urgencies.

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