EU Tyre Label Information

Most people are familiar with labels on fast moving consumer goods and appliance packaging. What about tyre labels? Since 2012, European Union has made it mandatory to add labels on tyres and these labels give clear cut information about the type of tyres for sale. Since these EU tire labels are displayed in a standard format for all makes and models, you can compare the vital features of different brands in an easy manner.

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You can come to know the fuel efficiency of the tyre from the label and it also makes you familiarize with noise level and external grip.

Rolling resistance and fuel efficiency

You need to understand that rolling resistance plays a very prominent role in determining the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The tyres are classified into different categories depending on the fuel efficiency and they include A, B, C, D, E and F. If you select A, over F, you can save up to 80 liters of fuel every year. Reduced CO2 emission can also be associated with the 'A' category tyres. Our professionals consider all these aspects while helping you choose tyres for your vehicle.

Noise levels

If you want to enjoy a comfortable drive, you should focus on noise levels while selecting van tyres. The noise level of the tyres can be measured on tyre labels and it is usually measured in decibels. On tyre labels, you can find three different noise bands and if you find more waves on the symbol, you can come to the conclusion that the noise level of the tyre is very high. One wave suggests that it has the lowest noise level and three black waves indicate the poorest performance.

Wet braking

You can also find how effectively a tyre performs in wet braking from the label and in order to represent the difference in wet braking ability, alphabetic letters A, B, C, D, E and F are used. The difference in we braking ability between 'A 'and 'F' class tyres comes around 10 meters.

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