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Qingdao Greenland tyre Co.,LTD(Greenland) company belongs to Shitu Group which is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in China.the company’s sales office is located in QingDao City  while the manufacturing unit is in the factory is in Dongying City  . The company has been in the business of tyre manufacturing ince2002 and have been able to successfully launch tyres for passenger, 4WD, SUV,bus categories. The company uses some of the latest technologies to manufacture tyre making the tyre making the process more efficient and delivering high-performance tyres . The tyres are reliable and safe, with low noise level and great grip on the road they are a good choice for those who are looking tyres for long term use. 

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GRENLANDER Colo H01  TyresColo H01  Tyres
Colo H01
GRENLANDER Colo H01 XL TyresColo H01 XL Tyres
Colo H01 XL
GRENLANDER Enri U08 XL TyresEnri U08 XL Tyres
Enri U08 XL
GRENLANDER L-Comfort 68  TyresL-Comfort 68  Tyres
L-Comfort 68
GRENLANDER L-Finder 78  TyresL-Finder 78  Tyres
L-Finder 78
GRENLANDER L-Grip 16  TyresL-Grip 16  Tyres
L-Grip 16
GRENLANDER L-Grip 16 XL TyresL-Grip 16 XL Tyres
L-Grip 16 XL
GRENLANDER L-Max 9  TyresL-Max 9  Tyres
L-Max 9
GRENLANDER L-Strong 36  TyresL-Strong 36  Tyres
L-Strong 36
GRENLANDER L-Zeal 56  TyresL-Zeal 56  Tyres
L-Zeal 56
GRENLANDER L-Zeal 56 XL TyresL-Zeal 56 XL Tyres
L-Zeal 56 XL