Motorhome Tyres

It is a well known fact that tyres play the most important role in determining safety of your motorhome on the road. You need to monitor the health of your motorhome or camper tyres at regular intervals to ensure that they are in excellent working condition.

How to find the best motorhome tyres?

As a trusted tyre dealer, we offer a wide range of motorhome tyres and our professionals coduct detailed discussions with motorhome or camper owners to identify their exact requirements. We always recommend light commercial category tyres for these types of vehicles and our tyres are highly capable of accommodating the extra weight of motorhomes.

Unique features of motorhome tyres

The most importance difference between these tyres and car tyres is the weight and our camper tyre has the capacity to carry more than 800 kg. What does it mean? When you combine the four tyres, the load capacity goes beyond 3200 kg because rear tyres are capable of carrying bigger weight.

Important things to consider while choosing motorhome tyres


Our professionals strictly follow all guidelines and rules to offer the best experience for our customers. For example; UK tyre industry strongly recommends that the maximum technically permitted mass (MTPLM) of the vehicle's axles must not go beyond 90% of the tyre load capacity and it protects your tyres against overloading with utmost efficiency.


The tyre pressure of your camper or motor home should be kept between 65 psi and 80 psi and our experts focus on this important aspect while fitting tyres onto your vehicle. First of all, we conduct detailed discussions with our clients to identify their requirements and you can always expect fully customized solutions with us.

Our professionals also take into consideration several important aspects including age, surface, grip and speed to find the most suitable tyres that meet your unique requirements.

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