Part Worn Tyres

Part worn tyres are the used tyres but they have a good thickness of tread left on them. The legal tyre tread law in the UK won’t let you drive on a tread that is 1.6 mm or below. If you are driving on tyres that are worn off than you are punishable for up to 3 points on your license and 2500£ fine per tyre. So you need to make sure that your tyres are in good condition for the safety of your family and yours.

Part worn tyres are a good alternative if you don’t want to spend too much on new tyres and you soon planning to sell your car or changing it. We have a wide range of part worn tyres in good quality from top brand tyres. These tyres have 7 to 8 mm of tread left on them that can easily give you 10000 to 20000 miles depending on your driving. We have a team of professional tyre technicians that inspect every single part worn tyres for any type of faults before they go on for selling. Although we do recommend that you personally come over and check these tyres for yourself because we don’t know your expectations from these tyres. These tyre are all top brand tyres which have gone through a very serious inspection and the best part is you can buy these at very-very low prices in your budget.

We have part worn tyres for all kinds of vehicles from cars to 4X4 vehicles. You can buy these tyres from us at very cheap prices. Sometimes we even have tyres that are almost in new condition as new tyres but can be bought at very-very affordable prices. We have tyres for sale in all over the UK via our website. When you buy tyres from us, first of all, we don’t use cheap tricks to sell our Tyres Online and you will notice that our prices online are already included in VAT and other charges and still very affordable unlike other online sellers that show tyres without VAT and other charges and you won’t see other charges until you are on payment page so when you buy tyres from us and you won't get them fully fitted than those services will be provided to you as well with a receipt.  

If you choose to buy tyres from us, you won’t be disappointed, matters of fact next time you would want buy tyres, you will come directly to us. Used tyres are a very good choice because it’s not only easy on your pocket but it’s safe for the environment because if no one buys these tyres they will be thrown away because they are not recyclable, so it is safe to buy these tyre not only for you but for the environment as well. We don’t usually have discounts on tyres because of they already very cheap tyres but if you want to buy them in bulk or full sets, we might be able to give you a discount on these tyres.

No matter what you need, we have them all. Summer part worn tyres, winter part worn tyres whatever you need we have them all. Check out our reviews on eBay and on our website, people love our prices and our professional team. We have tires to suit all your needs, we have run flat tyres in part worn condition for your 4X4 and other cars as well. We also have mobile tyre fitting services. We sell tyres online all over the UK with free delivery. Car Tyres can be tricky to choose but that’s what we are here for, give us a call at 01162611480 and we will answer all your queries.

The things you need to care about before buying a part worn tyres are, first is the tread left on them, mostly these tyres come from Europe, mostly from Germany. The legal tyre tread depth is 3 mm which is twice as much as UK’s, but people over there do tend to change the tyres long before they hit 3 mm, which sounds good but we can’t tell about the tyre’s condition just by the tread left on it, we can’t tell has the tyre has any internal damage caused by being run on low pressure or the tyre’s being hitting bumps and high edges at high speeds. But there are few things you can look at before you buy a part worn tyres. So here are a few tips on checking a part worn tyre, checking the tyre for any cuts, tears, bulge or lumps inside or outside, any ply or cord is exposed or not, if it is exposed than the tire is no good. Check for any deep penetration or an uneven tread can be dangerous.

We have run-flat tyres and also reinforced tyres in part worn. These tyres are built to withstand the toughest environment and toughest terrains. And even when they lose a bit of tread, they still are very safe. These tyre are capable of running on no air pressure in them and even get you home in case of a blowout.

But there is still a lot to choose from even when buying part worn tyres. There’s 3 type of tyres produced according to the weather condition, there’s summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Summer tyres are basically produced to be driven in summers and they perform excellently in high temperatures. Summer tyres have low rolling resistance but enough for summers, the tread patterns on these tyres make sure to provide enough grip on the road while being silent because they make less rolling noise. Basically, these tyres perform best above 7°C. they provide shorter distance and comfort while driving. And most of all, low rolling resistance provide better fuel efficiency.

Then the winter tyres are the best choice for winters. These tyres work best below 7°C. the tread pattern is designed to provide maximum grip on snow and slippery roads in winters. The rubber compound used to make tyres is mostly natural rubber that does not harden or contracts in cold weathers. The water dispersion system in these tyres makes sure you have maximum grip and shorter stopping distance on snowy and rainy days. The natural rubber compound makes sure you have maximum grip and high rolling resistance but it also makes sure that the tyres provide better fuel efficiency and low rolling noise.

The all-season tyres are hybrids between summer and Winter Tyres. These tyres are produced using special rubber compound which does not harden or contracts in cold weather neither heats up in summers. These tyres can work in both summer and winter but they have limitations, they can not perform in extreme weathers. With their specially designed tread pattern, these tyres provide grip on both cold and hot surfaces while maintaining low rolling noise and maintaining fuel efficiency these tyre work best in places where temperature stay between 35°C to 1°C. which is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold.

So it is important to choose tyres according to the weather as well. Because this tyre can save you money on so many levels. Winter tyres won’t be fuel efficient in summers and Summer Tyres won’t be able to provide enough grip in winters. And tyres won’t be comfortable in opposite climatic conditions. So this is extremely important to choose tyres according to the weather you will be driving in. So please make sure you go through all these options before considering to buying any tyres.

At Savingontyres we have a wide range of part worn tyres from premium tyres to mid-range and budget tyres. All the premium brands like Bridgestone, Hankook, Kumho, Continental, Goodyear, Vredestein etc, we have them all. We mostly have part worn tyres with at least 7 to 8mm of tread left on them which is close to new tyres. Our tyres have fresh DOT from 2015 to 2016. So basically they are in new condition. But we still recommend our customer to please make an appointment and come see these tyres in person to make sure they fit your requirements and they are what you expecting from part worn tyres.

We have delivery radius covering all of the UK so delivering tyres to your doorsteps is not a problem. We have dedicated a team to professional mechanics and technicians to make sure your car is safe for you and other drivers when you are on the road. We recommend that you come over and talk to our technicians in person so that we can answer all your queries regarding tyres. We have top end modern equipment in our garage to work with precision on your vehicle without taking any chance of damaging your car. We don’t like to keep our customers waiting that’s why we always appreciate when our customers make an appointment before they come to us. To check out our platinum deals on new and part worn tyres leicester please check our homepage or give us a call at 01162611480.

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