Performance Tyres

Performance tyre

Performance tyres! What are they? Performance tyres are tyres that have special tread patterns and special rubber compounds to give extra ordinary performance on road, off road and on the race track. Also in unforgiving weather conditions. These tyres provide a level of performance that matches the performance of your high performance vehicle and even if your vehicle does not have a performance that demands these high spec tyres you can still benefit as these tyres are designed well enough to enhance your vehicles performance. These tyres are designed to give you agile handling, short braking distance, grip on wet roads, comfort, reliability and safety.

All these features were hard to find in the past. But these days, there are so many brands manufacturing high performance tyres - not only in premium price range but also in little bit more affordable price range. We have a wide range of performance tyres to suit all your needs and be comfortable on your pocket. Tyres from brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohama, Dunlop, Kumho, Vredestein and many others are available at a click of your button.

Cheap performance tyres

Performance tyres does not mean that they always have to be expensive. There are so many brands that manufactures tyres that have high performance but are available at very-very affordable prices. We have those brands as well like Maxxis, Kumho, Meteor, Kenda etc. These brands have earned their respect in the market for providing similar performance specs comparable to top high end brands at fraction of their prices. These tyres have all EU certifications so they are safe and have passed all the quality tests before entering the European market.

High performance tyres

A complete definition of a high performance tyre would be, these tyres provide stability at high speeds and grip on wet roads. Whereas these tyres are also fuel efficient and comfortable on the road as well because of their low rolling resistance. Their low rolling resistance also helps them being very silent. These tyres provide agile handling while making high speed turns and cornering. No matter what climatic conditions. You could be driving in hot summers or cold winters when it is snowy and icy on the roads. These tyres are meant to do tough jobs. Winter high performance tyres come with sipes and natural rubber compound for better traction and keeping the tyre flexible even when temperature is in minus.

Saving money on buying high performance tyres.

One way you can save money on buying these tyres is by buying them at real wholesale prices. At we have the best performance tyres at the most affordable prices which are very close to wholesale prices. You cannot find these prices anywhere else. We guarantee you cannot find prices cheaper than us. So make the most of these prices. All our tyres are brand new from the latest production lines. We have a full range of car tyres, 4X4 tyres and commercial high performance tyres. For any assistance and queries about our other services like same day delivery, fitting, balancing, wheel alignment etc. just give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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