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Austone is an Australian tyre company founded in 1999. Austone has teamed up and started a joint Venture with the Cooper tyre & Rubber Company and the Shandong Chengshan Group in 2006. Austone has worldwide Customers and their tyres are sold in over 100 countries.

In 2007 Austone was awarded Gold and Silver by the Russian Rubber and Tyre Industry at their 10th International Show. Austone has developed into a mass producer of car tyres, light truck tyres, bus tyres and tyres for other commercial vehicles. At the beginning Austone has only produced a small selection of tyre sizes.

But today they produce nearly all sizes. Austone truly is a thriving company in this very competitive tyre industry, using only the latest technologies and designs to provide high quality and high performance tyres at very competitive prices.

We have a wide range of Austone tyres available online as well as in store. We have all kinds of cheap Austone tyres available for all your needs,

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