Tyre Manufacturers - Centara Tyres

Produced by a fairly new (established in 2014) but fast growing Chinese company - Shandong Wideway Tire Co. Ltd.

This manufacturer already produces about 1.5 million tyres per year and exports them to 80 different countries incl. Europe, North America, Russia, Latin America, Australia and East Africa.

Customers buying, car tyres, SUV tyres, light ruck tyres or bus tyres can choose from 300 different tread patterns. This company produces Summer tyres, Winter tyres.,All season tyres, Mud terrain tyres If you want to buy new tyres with a small budget, these cheap Centara tyres are a good, decent option. Please have a look on our website.

There you can see all the Centara tyre models we have available. You can order online for a fast delivery to your home. Easy!

If you have any question or need help with your order, please contact us.

Centara Tyres Models

Centara -  Tyres-  Tyres
Centara - XL Tyres- XL Tyres
- XL
Centara Commercial  TyresCommercial  Tyres
Centara HP RX3  TyresHP RX3  Tyres
Centara Milemax  TyresMilemax  Tyres
Centara Milemax RX501  TyresMilemax RX501  Tyres
Milemax RX501
Centara Sport RX6 XL TyresSport RX6 XL Tyres
Sport RX6 XL
Centara Terrena A/T  TyresTerrena A/T  Tyres
Terrena A/T
Centara Terrena M/T  TyresTerrena M/T  Tyres
Terrena M/T
Centara Van RX5  TyresVan RX5  Tyres
Van RX5
Centara Vanti  TyresVanti  Tyres
Centara Vanti All Season  TyresVanti All Season  Tyres
Vanti All Season
Centara Vanti AS  TyresVanti AS  Tyres
Vanti AS
Centara Vanti CS  TyresVanti CS  Tyres
Vanti CS
Centara Vanti CS XL TyresVanti CS XL Tyres
Vanti CS XL
Centara Vanti HP  TyresVanti HP  Tyres
Vanti HP
Centara Vanti HP XL TyresVanti HP XL Tyres
Vanti HP XL
Centara Vanti Terrena A/T  TyresVanti Terrena A/T  Tyres
Vanti Terrena A/T
Centara Vanti Tour  TyresVanti Tour  Tyres
Vanti Tour
Centara Vanti Touring  TyresVanti Touring  Tyres
Vanti Touring
Centara Vanti Touring XL TyresVanti Touring XL Tyres
Vanti Touring XL